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The Holiday Season is here, and with it brings gifts!

Two new holiday activies are available, the Holiday Gift Exchange, and the Present Hunt!

Gift Exchange

The Holiday Gift exchange is similar to something you may have seen if you have played Team Fortress 2 or Counter Strike: Global Offensive. You can purchase a gift for $1.00 on our store, or for 200 points ingame using /shop. Upon receiving this gift, you can right click with it to give it away. This gives a random reward from the list of Holiday-themed items to a random person on the server. The person giving the gifts also receives an item called "The Gift of Giving", and their amount of gifts given is added to their score (/santa top). The person with the most gifts given at the end of the Gift Exchange (a random day between January 1-7) wins huge prizes. For those who do not win the grand prize, each "The Gift of Giving" can be exchanged for prizes and items after the Gift Exchange is over!!

The person who gives the most gifts this holiday season will receive:
  • Their own NPC at spawn, any spot they choose (within reason) until the next map reset.
  • Their name on a sign in the spawn building, as the "Most Generous Player"
  • A permanent Factions power boost of 8 power.
  • A 50% off coupon with 3 uses that can be used on any item in our donation shop. (Can not be used during other sales!)
  • A private drop party - with better items than normal drop parties - for them and their friends, or if they're feeling generous, everyone on the server!
  • More rewards coming soon, depending on how close the race for first is!

Second Place will receive:
  • Their name on a sign in the spawn building, as the "Second Most Generous Player"
  • A permanent Factions power boost of 4 power.
  • A 25% off coupon with 3 uses that can be used on any item in our donation shop.
Third Place will receive:
  • ...

During the event of next weekend we will be raffling off many steam games, there are going to be a few ways to get involved but the only way to get into the main raffle is to pick up the great value Cyber Monday Bundle.

It's only $5.99 and includes one of every key and a few slot tokens to have some fun. Every time you purchase this package you receive another entry into the raffle!

Don't forget you can pick up packages for your friends by entering their username before purchasing a package, if you've already entered your own name you can click the "logout" button! If you want to checkout the
Raffle Bundle click here, and please note the Black Friday Sale is still available until tonight!
[​IMG] [​IMG]

Our Black Friday sale is running today until Monday night! Up to 75% off with all keys 60% off! Get the deals before they're gone!

We're also running a double voting rewards weekend! Each vote will earn you $2000, 20 points, and you will be twice as likely to earn a voter key!

Click here to donate.
For the rest of November, we have a feedback form that you are able to fill out, giving us your opinion on the server to help us improve it, which will enter you into the draw on December 1 for one of three $1,500,000 ingame prizes.

Fill out the form here.

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