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Our Black Friday sale is running today until Monday night! Up to 75% off with all keys 60% off! Get the deals before they're gone!

We're also running a double voting rewards weekend! Each vote will earn you $2000, 20 points, and you will be twice as likely to earn a voter key!

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For the rest of November, we have a feedback form that you are able to fill out, giving us your opinion on the server to help us improve it, which will enter you into the draw on December 1 for one of three $1,500,000 ingame prizes.

Fill out the form here.

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Halloween is coming up soon, and we've been working on some spooky things to add to the server.

New Spawn Look
This was done last week, spawn now has a new spooky look! You'll find changes everywhere around the spawn islands like spooky trees, cobwebs and mobs, and much more. These decorations will stay until a couple days after halloween.

Halloween Crate
A new seasonal crate has been added, the Halloween Crate. It includes 12 limited time, Halloween themed items that can be unboxed from the crate at spawn. As usual, the keys to open a crate cost $2.50, or 250 points in /buy. The following items are in the crate:
  • Spooky Base
  • Jack o' Lantern Launcher
  • Tomb Stone at Spawn
  • Reaper Scythe
  • Witch Hat
  • Headless Horseman Head
  • Witch Potion
  • Necrotic Bone
  • Monster Mask
  • Poison Blade
  • Fisher of Souls
  • Pumpkin Armour

Halloween Sale
In addition to the new crate, a Halloween sale has started on our store. The sale will run until a couple days after Halloween. Along with the sale, some Halloween themed items have been added to the store, like the Halloween VIP Bundle, and more coming as Halloween gets closer!

Update: The "Trick or Treat" basket has been added to spawn. Any donation you make through our webstore will earn you a trick or treat basket pass, allowing you...
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The race has ended, congratulations to the winners!
First Place: FAKExPOWER
Second Place: JAlbach
Third Place: _ChainsaW_

Thanks to these people for contributing money to the prize pool and making the race worthwhile:

Ace - $3000k
GotEdit - $2285k
cmoreturbodamage - $1000k
HellHathAllFury - $1000k
Killah - $750k
CjplaysMinecraft- $300k
ChickenChit - $300k
Tyrone - $250k
Ungiftable - $150k
Pupster - $125k
_MrKrabs - $110k
Jobgetz - $100k
AKAjabroc - $100k
Slick943OG - $100k
PabloEscobar69 - $42k
ItzChuck - $30k
_Baecon_ - $25k
JALJC - $20k
Silence__ - $20k
FoxyNan - $20k
ImHypno - $10.1k
TeaganStone - $10k
Ramon - $10k
Ziyech22 - $10k
Beintruder - $10k
Nuddie - $10k
issraphel - $10k
SigmaWoods - $10k

We will be hosting a Death Race event tonight after the drop party (/dp). If you have not participated in one of our Death Races, it is a parkour/maze/puzzle race with PvP and mobs where the first person to the end of the course wins.

Of course, there will be prizes. The first three people to finish the race will win major prizes, and anyone who finishes before the deadline, 3 hours after the race starts, will win a minor prize.

First Place:
  • 1 Mystery Present.
  • 25 Holiday Gift Exchange Presents.
  • 5 Christmas Crackers
  • $8,000,000 ingame money.

Second Place:
  • 15 Holiday Gift Exchange Presents.
  • 3 Christmas Crackers
  • $2,500,000 ingame money.

Third Place:
  • 5 Holiday Gift Exchange Presents.
  • 1 Christmas Cracker
  • $600,000 ingame money.

Minor Prizes:
  • $50,000 ingame money.
  • 1 Holiday Gift Exchange Present.

There are rules to the race. First of all, teaming up to camp parkours and constantly sabotage other players is not allowed. Use of potions, elytra, or any outside items is not in...