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Summer Content
Not a lot of new content has been added to the server over the last couple weeks. Many staff are currently busy with finals in school. Now that they are done, some new summer content will be coming out. The summer sale will begin soon, one of the largest sales we've had. Along with the sale, the Summer Crate, an exclusive, limited time crate with very good items in it, will be available. We're also planning on adding many new features over the next two months, such as revamped guns, attachments for guns, new rank features, new police features, new plugins and features like duels, and much more.

Death Race
Today was the first death race of this map. Besides a bit of lag at the start, it turned out very well. Players contributed over $1.5m to the prize pool, the most notable can be seen below, and 2500 points were added by staff. First place, $1m, 1500 points, and 3 tool keys, was taken by Gelato88. FAKExPOWER won second place, $500 000 and 750 points. Third place, $200k and 250 points was won by Zhihu.

Notable Contributors:

As stated last week all promotions can be seen in the Staff Groups thread. We have added 3
helpers, 2 trialmods, and 1 mod. They will all be monitored over the next month and should be an excellent addition to our staff team. If you would to see their names please visit this thread.

This weekend there will be the first Death Race of this map! This is always a great event, and I urge anyone who haven't attended an event this map - this is the one to catch!
There will be $500,000 up for grabs, and Donor Points for the top three places!
The winner will have his head placed on the death race winner's wall of champions.

As for every event weekend, there will always be a huge lottery pot up for grabs, and millions going through coin-flips. The drop party will start at 5PM CST, and the Death Race shortly afterwards.

Thanks to Spooky for the Custom Skull Art :)
Saturday 18/6/16 we will host our first death race of the new map, there will be over 500k in prizes, and points will be given out to winners.

Staff Changes
In the past we have tried many different concepts for our staff team. This change that we have decided to make will allow the staff team to be extremely efficient. Each admin will be in charge of 2-3 trialmods/mods. The admins will guide them on how to be a successful staff member, and also handle reports that have been submitted against them. This will also allow the admins to suggest a trialmod/mod that they might feel are ready for a promotion. Instead of the admins trying to watch every trialmod and mod, they will now be able to focus on 2-3 of them. This setup was used before by us, but we discarded it as it had a few issues. We have revamped it by removing helpers from the system and also by having an extremely active admin team. The staff groups post can be found here. Staff reports are still submitted the same way. Also all of the weekly promotions/demotions can be found at the bottom of the the staff group forum.

Server Update
The server is now compatible with all 1.9/1.10 clients. All of the 1.10 features will be added once all of our plugins are stable. We do not want to rush the update and damage the server's performance and experience. We also plan on adding several new features over the next few weeks.

Hello everyone,

We have decided to add a shoutbox to our website, like the one on enjin. The shoutbox can only be seen on the front page, unless you go to the shoutbox link which is here. The shoutbox can be used by members to chat about server things and many other things. Players instead of making simple threads, can post pictures in the shoutbox also. The same chat rules from the server apply to the shoutbox, so don't advertise or spam it. This will result in a ban from the shoutbox and the server. Also players who have donated for ranks can type in a variety of colors. If you do not have your donation rank on the website please send me a private message and I will sort that out for you. We are still deciding where the shoutbox will be placed, and here are the options we have.


As always Grow, Sell, Excel,