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Following requests by many players, as well as the feedback from our July Feedback Form, we have added 6 new drugs! 5 of these are products of existing drugs, with a small price boost, as well as one new plant to grow and sell. The new drugs include:
  • Chorus Fruit - Codeine
  • Bread - Weed Brownie
  • Cookie - Spliff Edible
  • Baked Potato - Enhanced K2
  • Lime Green Dye - Enhanced Kush
  • Popped Chorus Fruit - Enhanced Codeine
The prices for each new drug can be found in /drugs.

Also, bread, baked potatos, and cookies are now drugs, you can be arrested for carrying them in spawn!
Summer Sale

Our biggest sale yet, the 2016 Summer Sale, starts this Thursday! This sale will feature up to 75% off on many packages in our store. Base sales will be available for the full 14 days, with sporadic flash sales for certain items or categories, with huge discounts, but for only a short time.

New Store Content

Along with the sale, we've brought some new content to the donation store. Prebuilt Bases will be available once again as soon as the sale starts. These were not available at the start of this map to make the beginning more fair for everyone.

The new Summer Crate has been in spawn for a couple days now, below the RankUp Crate. Summer Crate Keys are now available, for $2.50 (not including the possible discounts) on our store, or 250 points in /shop.

New donor feature
Donators will now have access to the following commands.

  • /donor prefix help
  • /donor prefix remove
  • /donor prefix [rank]
This will allow you to remove/add your donator prefix at will! You will have access to all ranks you own, meaning a mvp+ may now boast a VIP tag! The command to change or add your tag is /donorprefixvip The end of the command dictates which prefix you wish to use, available are vip,vip+,mvp,mvp+.

A few other command have been added too.

/textures & /apply [cop/helper/staff] These are are players asking where the texture pack is, or where to apply for staff.

This week, we've decided to try something new to get the forums more active. Today, our first weekly building contest opened. Each week, a new contest will be open, with a different theme every week. Participants have 6 days (from Monday to Sunday) to submit their build based on the theme. There are a couple rules, like the build having to actually be made on MCDrugs, and you must have built it. The builds are judged by staff members, and the best three win first, second, and third place prizes.

We're also allowing players to contribute to the already placed prize pools. By default, the money rewards are $250,000, $100,000, and $50,000. By paying money to Dakotaa, you can add to these prizes for the week, with your money going into a 50%/35%/15% split for first, second, and third place. Contributors over $30,000 also get their name and amount contributed on this thread.

For the first contest, the theme this week is Aesthetically Pleasing Farms.
Summer Content
Not a lot of new content has been added to the server over the last couple weeks. Many staff are currently busy with finals in school. Now that they are done, some new summer content will be coming out. The summer sale will begin soon, one of the largest sales we've had. Along with the sale, the Summer Crate, an exclusive, limited time crate with very good items in it, will be available. We're also planning on adding many new features over the next two months, such as revamped guns, attachments for guns, new rank features, new police features, new plugins and features like duels, and much more.

Death Race
Today was the first death race of this map. Besides a bit of lag at the start, it turned out very well. Players contributed over $1.5m to the prize pool, the most notable can be seen below, and 2500 points were added by staff. First place, $1m, 1500 points, and 3 tool keys, was taken by Gelato88. FAKExPOWER won second place, $500 000 and 750 points. Third place, $200k and 250 points was won by Zhihu.

Notable Contributors:

As stated last week all promotions can be seen in the Staff Groups thread. We have added 3
helpers, 2 trialmods, and 1 mod. They will all be monitored over the next month and should be an excellent addition to our staff team. If you would to see their names please visit this thread.