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Hi guys,

We're aware that some are still having problems connecting to the server or loading the website. For this, we are truly sorry - and we expect it to fix over the coming day.

Our domain registrar account was stolen, the method and reasoning behind this we're unsure - but are confident it was of no mistake of our own. The SubDomains were redirected to another server, and the website's name-servers were totally removed, we worked as quickly as possible with our provider to lock the account to prevent any malicious activity which prevented us from fixing the issue until we were confident it was secure.
These problems should thin out very fast over the next day.

We have been under constant attack since the relaunch, we're all working tirelessly to fix these issues and work against these people attacking us. Our only concern is to provide the best gameplay experience to you all as consistently as possible.

For the downtime, we have provided a 15% sale and a small compensation package as an apology for the impact on your MCDrugs experience, feel free to claim it on your account from the buycraft store here!

Again, many thanks for all of the support from every single one of you guys - Dakota, Myself & Jrd and many others have worked so very hard to bring everyone this new version of MCDrugs - and it has been a resounding success, we will continue to work against these incoming attacks and strive to deliver the rock solid experience you have all grown to love.

Never forget to - Grow, Sell, Excel.

MCDrugs Staff Team.
Hello everyone,

Over the past few days the staff team has received numerous reports of players using player markets as storage for drugs. Players have been storing drugs in their market, so it's easier to get past cops. These players are storing them, or they are putting signs on them for insane amounts. The staff team has decided that drug selling/buying in the player markets is not allowed anymore. This exploitation of the market is very unfair to cops as it's like a checkpoint to keep your drugs safe. If you are caught storing drugs/selling the chest will be removed. We will allow some lead way for the first few days, but after that if you continue to do it, it can lead to a tempban.

Stay tuned for the surprise event that is coming up today, alongside a few mystery giveaways!
The 2X voting rewards are now active.

We hope you can all make it to the event and we can't wait to host it! Glad to see community participation over the weeks only increasing, our goal was to make one day that the server can come together and enjoy a single event in a large group. The Saturday event is always fun, if you can - make sure to free some time up to join in on the fun!
This weekend we added a couple things to improve the gamepaly of police, as well as the opening of The Lion Casino and some other gambling things.

Police now start with a taser in their inventory. The taser can shoot players in spawn, but only loads one cartridge at a time and takes a while to reload. When someone is shot with the taser, they get slowness for 5 seconds and they get outlines around them to let people see them through walls for 10 seconds. Police do not spawn with cartridges for the taser, and need to buy them at the evidence lockup in the police station for $1750 each.

Police now drop their items (exluding their armour, stick, taser, and SWAT sword) when killed. This means that when a cop catches your buddy in the prison, you can kill him and get their drugs back. Some cops brought their own gear to PvP, and that can now be taken from them.

The final change to cops was the removal of /listcops. Many players used /listcops to see if any cops were online, and wouldn't sell their drugs if there were any. Now, only cops can use the command. This means that players who were more hesistant around police will need to watch in chat for them going on duty, or look around at spawn.

The Lion Casino is now open, offering five different gambling games to play. Three tiers of slot machines, Low Spender, Standard Spender, and High Roller are all fun ways to make, or lose, a lot of money. To play slots, buy the "Slot Coins" from the NPC Vinny in The Cage. Right click the sign, or the lever, of that slot machine to play. Another game, the Skill Machine, incorporates some more skill. Finally, Double or Nothing is a quick way to double your money, or lose it.

We've also implemented our first ever player versus player gambling, Coin Flipping. Do /cf or /coinflip ingame to see the current matches, or create a match. Coinflip works by players making a game, for example /coinflip create 10000 tails, then waiting for another player to join. Each player puts...