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We've got some very big news to announce today. As many of you may know, Ace and Hrby have donated a lot to the server. Spalw and I have been selling small amounts of shares to them, since we have been running out of funds to pay for the server (the price of 5.56 rifle ammunition, the ammo we use to shoot camels in the outback of Australia to reduce our carbon footprint, has been going up, due the second Great Emu War raging on in Australia and the demand being higher) and recently, they've accumulated a total of 51% of the server shares. This means that they are now the controlling interest of MCDrugs.

What does this mean to you players? Not much. To keep the current playerbase happy, the new owners have only decided to make a couple very small changes:
  • The server is no longer MCDrugs, but MCFish. Drugs are now outlawed and completely unable to be sold. Fish can be sold at the fish market on the beach.
  • The new administration, being exceedingly devoted to their faith, have decided to make the server strictly Christian. This has caused these minor rule changes:
    • Players who use bad words in chat will be asked kindly to attend reconciliation.
    • Reconiliation is held on Sundays, and any ban (even permanent) can be instantly appealed and unbanned by attending.
    • Since gluttony is a deadly sin, the weekly drop parties are being replaced by weekly Bible story readings. Extra emphasis on fishy Biblical stories, such as John 21, Jonah 1-4, etc.
    • All players are required to attend Sunday mass.
    • Sunday is the sabbath, fishing or working in other ways on this day is not allowed.
    • Potions are being disabled, as they represent magic and witchcraft.
    • Since all players should be good Christians who follow the commandments and beatitudes, the Factions plugin will be disabled. Players should have the morals to recognize that stealing or destroying other players' work is a sin.
    • Chastity will be...

Due to popular demand, the "Endless" rune in each stone has been replaced with another rune, different for each rune stone, they are:

Speed III in the Armour Rune Stone.
Crushing V in the Weapon Rune Stone.
Haste III in the Tool Rune Stone.

Today we're adding something to MCDrugs that we've been thinking about adding for a while. We want to try this out and see how it goes. This will help use decide if we have something like this on the next map.

Unlike the Valentine's Flowers, you DO NOT need a binding agent to put runes on your items! Just drag and click it onto an item in your inventory.

Most players know about the Weaponry, Tool, and Armoury crates at spawn. These crates contain special items with custom enchantments that you can only obtain from those crates (and recently, also from Valentine's flowers). These include cool enchants like permanent speed while wearing the item, chance to do more damage or get more XP on weapons, etc.

With the new runes being released today, you are able to get these enchantments and put them on any item you want (some only work on certain types, like Speed I on boots, etc.) This means that you can make your own custom enchanted items with Runes from the rune stones. A max of five runes can be put on an item, unless a Magical Stone is used on the item (see below).

Rune Types
There are 3 rune stones at spawn. One for tool runes, one for weapon runes, and one for armour runes. Each rune stone contains 11-27 custom enchant runes, which can be "unboxed" from the rune stone and put onto items. Info about what each of these runes does can be found below.

Applying Runes
To put a rune on your item, simply drag the rune in your inventory onto the item you want to put it on and click the item with the rune. There is a risk at using runes, however. On the application of any rune to an item, there is an 8% chance...
Nostalgia Crate
By popular demand - for 2 weeks only we're bringing back your favourite crates!
The nostalgia crate contains:

All of the keys are the same rarity except the 2x Nostalgia Keys. If you'd like a specific key you can pick them up on the Buycraft separately too!

Community Goal
Every purchase of a "Nostalgic" item on the buycraft will contribute to our goal!
Every time the community goal is reached, every player online at the time will receive a free "Community Key" which can be opened in spawn. The crate only contains an uncommon free "Nostalgia Key" or simply a better luck next time consolation prize.

The crate item promotion with rank purchases has been extended alongside the Nostalgia Crate.
There will also be some old school events after the drop parties for the next two weeks,
Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and we are glad to announce that the sale begins today, as well as a new crate key, The Flower Bush.

Valentine's Sale

To celebrate Valentine's Day and the following week, most items on our Buycraft store are up to 80% off. In addition to this discount, we have a global community goal for donations. Every time this goal is met, each player on the server will be given one of ten Rose Petals, a special item that, if all ten are collected, can be turned in to receive a Flower Binding Agent.

During this sale, purchasing a donator rank will also get you a crate item ticket. This ticket allows you to get any item of the corresponding rarity from any crate. Purchasing MVP+ gets you any Very Rare item, MVP gets you any Rare item, and so on.

The Flower Bush

The flower bush contains 9 different flowers with the name of admins and owners, for example, "Dakotaa's Love". Each flower has a different, special custom enchant like Fortune 4, Withering, Haste, Blindness, and more. On their own, these items are quite useful in PvP and in other ways, but they can be even more useful. Also available to find in the flower bush is the flower binding agent, and item that allows you to put the custom enchant of any flower you have received from the bush onto any item of your choice. This means you could have a sword with haste, blindness, and ice aspect. You can check out the flower bush at spawn, left click it to see the flowers you can get.

Soulbound: If you die with this flower, you will keep it in your inventory. This only works once, the first time you die with it, it loses the soulbound enchantment.

Fortune IV: This enchantment yields more drops from some drugs, including carrots, potatos,...