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December is here, and with it comes the holiday season! We're bringing back many of the holiday festivities that we've had for the past couple years, along with some new content.

Holiday Gift Exchange
Feeling generous this holiday season? Give one random online player a random gift with the Holiday Gift Exchange Present! Each present is $0.50 on our store, but can go as low as $0.35 when buying in bulk. Not only does a random player get a gift, but you also get a Gift of Giving for each gift you give. Gift of Givings can be traded in, at the end of the Holiday season, for very exclusive rewards. Not only can you get rewards for trading in Gift of Givings, but the top three most generous players, those who gave the most gifts, will receive huge prizes!

Holiday Pit Overhaul
The Pit will soon be overhauled for the holiday season - this includes a whole new set of mobs and bosses, as well as new rewards. Keep an eye out for the pit overhaul over the next week.

Holiday Present Hunt
Around spawn, 500 presents have been hidden. You'll get a reward for every 5th present you find, and the rewards get better the closer you get to finding 500. The present hunt is a great way to try out some of the Holiday donator items for free, as you can earn Mystery Presents, Holiday Crate Keys, and Gift Exchange Presents as rewards from the present hunt.

The present hunt rewards include:
  • Over $1,000,000 total
  • 50 Christmas Crackers
  • 775 Points
  • 275 XP Levels
  • 22 Gift Exchange Presents
  • 8 Random Crate Keys
  • 150 mcMMO Credits
  • 2 Holiday Mystery Presents
  • 5 Exclusive Holiday Present Hunt Medallions

Holiday Tag Crates
We've brought back the Holiday Tag Crate from last year, so you'll have another chance to get any tags you couldn't get. This crate is the "Legacy Holiday Tag Crate", because we've also added a...

The Pit has been overhauled to make it more welcoming to new players and players who don't have high-end gear!

Check out The Pit at /warp pit

The surface of The Pit has been split into two sections: an easier section closer to the entrance, and the normal difficulty area farther back, behind the entrance to The Chasm.

This easy area has weakened variants of the normal mobs, including Weak The Scorched, Crippled Pit Kittens, and Baby Slime Balls. Each of these mobs has a weakened "mini-boss" variant of their respective bosses, the Mini Pit Brawler, Pit Cat, and Slime Prince.

These weak mobs and mini-bosses drop up to seven Boss Soul Fragments, 30 soul fragments can be traded in for one Boss Soul. However, it is not only Boss Souls that Fragments are useful for; protection 4, unbreaking 3 diamond armour and sharpness 5, unbreaking 3 diamond swords can be purchased using soul fragments.

Our intention with this overhaul is to give players who would normally not be able to fight in the normal difficulty area of the pit, due to the difficult or lack of appropriate gear, a chance to work their way up. Newer players can now enjoy an easier and more fitting section of the pit in which they can still grind for rewards, and these rewards will help them enter into the normal difficult section of the pit.

The Chasm/Depths has not been changed at all by this overhaul, however we will be working on improving it, as well as adding new mobs and bosses to every section of The Pit, very soon.

The Pit has been launched! We'll be opening it for 30 minutes at launch, then it will have to opened through buying access passes on our Buycraft. The access pass opens the pit for everybody for a limited time, and is cheaper when buying longer access. It will also broadcast in chat the name of the person who sponsored opening the pit.

The Pit is a PvE/PvP zone in spawn with many types of custom mobs. Kill the mobs for a chance to spawn a powerful boss, which drops Boss Souls and has a chance to drop other special items on death. Use Boss Souls to redeem rewards on /bshop. Legacy Donator Ranks are purchasable through this shop.

The main surface area of the pit is strictly PvE, meaning there is no PvP. There are three types of normal mobs here, and four different bosses can be spawned by killing these normal mobs. Farther back into the Pit is the drop down to the Depths. Here, PvP is enabled, and there are two types of normal mobs, and two very difficult bosses that will drop the most souls.

When you kill a boss in the pit, it will drop 1-4 (depending on the difficulty of the boss) Boss Souls on the ground. There's also a 75% chance that 1-2 extra souls will drop directly into your inventory. Each boss also has a special item that can drop (on a 2-6% chance). These exclusive items are unique to each boss and have powerful abilities.

We'd like to thank all the staff members who helped make the Pit possible, as well as everyone who tested it and gave us feedback. We will actively try to improve it, so please give us any feedback or suggestions you have. More mobs, bosses, and special drops will be added in the near future.

It's October, which means Halloween is almost here! Some spooky changes have been made to spawn to get into the mood.

You'll also notice some mobs roaming around spawn. These mobs can't hurt you in spawn, but you can kill them, and they have a chance to drop a "soul fragment". There's four sets of three soul fragments, a set of three can be traded in for a Trick or Treat basket at the Trick or Treat Jack O' Lantern at spawn. Use the basket for a chance between a trick and a treat.

The Halloween tag crate is also back. Like the other tag crates, you can use tag crate tokens to redeem Halloween tag crate keys. The crate contains eighteen spooky Halloween themed chat tags. Tag crate tokens can be purchased on our store or ingame with points through /pshop.