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MCDrugs Premium is back. Premium is a monthly subscription based perk, costing $3.50 a month, which is a great way to support the server. You can also buy it one month at a time, with the Single Mont package, if you don't want to start a subscription. A premium subscription includes:

  • 1 Key of the month, every month (This month's key is the Spawner Key)
  • 1 Free key of your choice upon initial subscription (You get to pick a key and automatically receive it after subscribing)
  • 1 mcMMO credit per vote
  • 1 Voter Key per vote
The voting rewards are added to the existing $1000, 10 points, and possible other rewards. So you would get $1000, 10 points, 1 mcMMO credit, and possibly a Voter Key.

We may also bring back the premium drop parties, which were drop parties every Friday evening for premium subscribers only, if enough people subscribe.

We urge anyone who had premium on the last map to cancel their subscription. You can follow this guide to learn how. If you have an active subscription from last map, you will receive a month of premium, starting today, but if you would like to continue your subscription, you'll need to re-subscribe to the new one.

To get premium, visit our web store.
It's been a couple days since the reset, and people are beginning to settle into the new map. We've made a feedback form and would appreciate anyone who takes the time to fill it out and help us improve the server.

Fill out our feedback form here.
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Firstly, we would like to thank every player who came back for the reset. We want to make this reset the best one we have ever had. Our numbers have been up and the players seem to be enjoying themselves. Very soon we will make a feedback form where you can submit new features and critique the server (Only you and the staff can see it). Over the next few weeks we will be adding a lot of new features: Quests, New Jobs, and more. We will release more information in the future. We are aware that the server has been lagging today, this is from all of the chunks being loaded, player files being created, and also a DDOS attack. Over the next few days we will be in contact with our host to make sure we can mitigate attacks quicker.

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