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Similar to last year, we are releasing the Valentine's Flower Bush once again! In the bush, you can find eight different flowers, each with rare enchantments. On their own, these flowers are not very useful, but with a Flower Binding Agent, you can transfer the enchantment from a flower you own onto any item! There's a couple ways to get flower binding agents, which will be discussed further in this post.

Valentine's Sale
There's some great discounts on our Buycraft right now. They will run until a couple day after Valentine's Day, so get them while they're available!

Flower Bush
Flower bush shears can be purchased on our Buycraft or in /shop. Once you have one, use it on the flower bush at spawn to get one of eight exclusive, enchanted flowers. Like mentioned above, along with a flower binding agent, these flowers can be used to put their respective enchant on any item you'd like.

Community Goal and Valentines Flower
Every time the community donation goal is hit, everybody online the server at the time will receive a Valentines Flower! Right click the flower in your hand for a chance to get a random petal. There are ten petals in total, and if you collect all ten, you can turn them in to an admin for a flower binding agent. This is a great way to get the binding agent if you don't have any flower bush shears.

Other Valentine's Themed Content
For a limited time, you can get that special someone a Valentine's Card! Choose from "Lame", "Cheesy", or "Sexy" lines to put on the card.

The valentine's cards, as well as the flower bush shears, can be found in the "Valentine's Day" category on our Buycraft!

The new tool crate is here! Experienced players may remember the tool crate from last map, the new tool crate has some similar items, including the new Jackhammer Mk. II, which is more powerful than the original Jackhammer.

The crate includes:
The Exceedingly Rare Jackhammer Mk. II
The Very Rare Drill
The Rare Endless Pickaxe
The Uncommon Endless Axe
The Uncommon Endless Shovel
The Uncommon Molten Pickaxe
The Common Scuba Shovel
The Common Vacuum Axe
The Common Vacuum Shovel
The crate can be found at /spawn. You can open the crate with Tool Crate Keys, which can be bought for $2.50 each (or 5 for $10) on our store, or for 250 points each ingame with the /shop command.
In the current downtime between the holiday events and the next server content, I've decided to set up some of the old spawns for players to view. The spawns from the last three maps are now open to players - you are not able to do anything in these worlds, but you can fly around and look at everything.

To get to the spawns, use the following warps:

/warp 2014spawn

/warp 2015spawn

/warp 2016spawn
A new major mechanic is being introduced to MCDrugs: Drug Muling

Have you ever realized that you have too many drugs to sell on your own? Want to maximize your profits during a drug price booster? Don't have any drugs to sell, but really good at getting past the cops? Drug muling offers a solution to these situations.

Drug muling is now available to all players on the server at the rank Mule or above.

With drug muling, you will be able to either be a supplier or a mule:

The supplier is able to remotely have their drugs sold from anywhere. They place the drugs they want to have sold up to be muled, using the command /mule sell <cut> (the cut is the percent of the total profit the mule receives). If a mule whose reputation isn't high enough to automatically take the job sends a request to mule the supplier's drug, they must accept/deny it. Once accepted, the mule has 10 minutes to sell the drugs and if successful, the profits are automatically split between the supplier and the mule.

The mules are the ones on the streets at spawn, selling the drugs. They go on duty (similar to police duty) with /mule duty. This command gives them a whole different inventory to mule with. Keep in mind that while on mule duty, you can not move drug items around in your inventory, so plan your inventory items/potion effects accordingly. Once a mule is ready to take a job, they view the listing of jobs with /mule jobs. From here, they can see who is supplying, what the drugs are, and what the cut would be. When they find a suitable job, they click it. If they have high enough reputation to auto-accept the job, or the supplier accepts their request, they are teleported to spawn and given the drugs. From here they must make it to any of the drug selling NPCs at spawn. The profits of the sale increase for both the supplier and the mule based on what the...