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October starts today, and so does the 2017 Halloween festivities!

If you've been on the server and had the chance to take a look at spawn, you would have noticed some changes. Spawn has been "spookified" for the month of October. Look around spawn for some of the easter egg tombstones. Spawn will be permanently night for the next month to give it a spooky effect.

Along with the spawn decorations, we have released the Halloween Crate and the Halloween Tag Crate. The Halloween Crate is very similar to last year's, with some notable changes to some of the items. The rare items still include the Halloween themed $25 Pre-Built base and the custom Tombstone at spawn, as well as a new type of exclusive gun, The Spooker, which shoots a projectile that calls down a lightning strike.

The new Halloween Tag Crate includes 18 themed chat tags. These include words like Spooky, Candy, Halloween, Ghost, etc. all in exclusive colours and formats.

Keep an eye out for Halloween themed events, scavenger hunts, and trivia in the coming weeks, after Drop Parties (/dp) for exclusive Halloween rewards.

The Halloween sale will begin in the coming weeks, with some special sale-related prizes, similar to the Summer Sale.

Today we've implemented a popular feature that we first tested with the launch of Rush; chat tag prefixes.

Tags are different coloured texts that show between your rank and your name. Some tags have special characters and bold/italic formatting, for example:
  • [GOD]
  • [King]
  • [Comrade]

Tags can be unboxed from the Tag Crate or Country Tag Crate at spawn. You can buy a key for either crate at our store for $1.25 each (or $5 for 5) or on /shop ingame for 125 points each.

Currently, there are 36 different tags, 18 in each crate. We plan on adding tags that can be achieved through quests, donating during seasonal sales, top voters, etc.

The plan with the tag crates is to have them rotating, so there's a different set of 18 tags available every month. This would give some value to the tags that were unboxed, since they are only obtainable for a month.

We hope everyone enjoys the tags, as they're a great way to support the server without gaining any special abilities that put you above other players.

If you'd like to suggest possible tags for the future tag crates, check out this thread.

EDIT: Rush is now open! Connect with the IP rush.mc-drugs.com

We're very excited to announce the opening of MCDrugs Rush! After tomorrow's drop party (5PM CST), Rush will be opening. MCDrugs Rush is a whole new server that we've been working on, based on the core aspects of MCDrugs.

We'd like to make one thing very clear: This is a different server. It will not affect any of your progress or gameplay on MCDrugs. You can join Rush and play on it, then go back to MCDrugs. You will have seperate drug ranks on each. What you do on Rush will not affect your main MCDrugs stats/progress.

Many players have been speculating about Rush since the first teaser screenshot, so here's some specs:
  • OP Factions
  • 1.8 PvP
  • 1.7 Cannoning
  • TNT can destroy obsidian AND bedrock
  • OP Gear (You start with Protection 5, Unbreaking 4 armour; Sharpness 6, Looting 4, Unbreaking 4 Sword; Efficiency 5, Unbreaking 5, Fortune 3 tools.
  • No Police
  • 2x faster drug growth
  • Drug Autosell - Sell your drugs from anywhere, but for only 70% the normal price
  • Higher money denominations
  • More factions power
  • Smaller map
  • Faster map resets (Map resets every 4 months, but ranks, money, etc. will not)
  • Rune Enchants and other custom enchants - New enchants that can be obtained through purchasing with points, donating, or using ingame EXP.
  • OP Voting Rewards (10x creeper eggs, $200,000 per vote, etc.) You are also able to vote for both MCDrugs and MCDrugs Rush and get rewards on each.
and much, much more!

Many of our admins, mods, and even trial mods and helpers have been working on this project for weeks. We hope that anybody who is interested in it and plays will enjoy. We are open to all feedback, negative or positive, to help us improve it. We hope to see you guys there tomorrow!

A big change to Voter Crates is here. Voter Crates now exist in three seperate tiers, each tier having better rewards.

Instead of the Voter Crate and the Rare Voter Crate, there is now Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III voter crates. You can check them out at spawn.

With the new tiers also comes a new system to trade up keys. You can trade up 5 Tier I keys for a Tier II key, and 5 Tier II keys for a Tier III key.

If you still have old voter keys, don't worry. You can also trade 2 old keys for one Tier I key. The ratio is 2:1 due to the fact that the new keys can be traded up, and also that many players have been hoarding the old vote keys.

To trade up keys, simply right click the sign above the voter crates at spawn.

We look forward to feedback about this new system, and please make sure to report any issues with it that you may find.