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Summer officialy starts today, so we are introducing this year's Summer Crate! It's got 14 summer themed items, some are new versions of the items from last year, and some are completely new.

You can purchase the keys for the crate on our Buycraft

The crate contains:
The Exceedingly Rare Sand Fortress - A $25 Prebuilt base with multiple sand wall layers

The Very Rare Heat Wave MK II - A special Flame Thrower weapon, which sets victims on fire. Uses magma cream as ammo.

The Very Rare Lucky Conch - A Looting 2, Fortune 4 piece of lapis - perfect for farming carrots and potatos.

The Rare Excavator - Similar to the Jackhammer, this diamond shovel breaks a 3x3 area in dirt, sand, and gravel.

The Rare Flippers - Become the fastest swimmer on the server with these Depth Strider 4 boots.

The Uncommon Cool Summer Gorilla Pet - A gorilla wearing sunglasses, this is a small taste of the Pet Crate II coming out later this summer.

The Uncommon Pool Noodle II - A recreation of the Pool Noodle from last year, this Knockback 4 blaze rod has a high chance to blind your victims.

The Uncommon Water Pistol - Shoot your friends - or enemies - with a harmless stream of water.

The Uncommon Snorkling Mask - Perfect for underwater work or exploring, this diamond helmet has Respiration 5, Aqua Affinity 5, and Unbreaking 5.

The Common Sun Sword - Set your enemies ablaze with this Sharpness 5, Fire Aspect 2, Sweeping Edge 1, and Unbreaking 5 gold sword.

The Common Ice Cube - Ice Block with Slowness III - a chance to give your victim slowness.

The Common Sun Hat - Leather cap with Fire Protection 5 and Unbreaking 4.

The Common Luxury Bathing Suit -...
Hey guys!
This post will only remain on the front page for a day but here is all that you need to know.

You can list three items on the auction house - however each item that you list the tax on that sale increases.

To list an item on the auction house do /minebay sell [price] whilst holding in your hand what you'd like to sell and you will see this GUI.
(For example, hold 1 diamond and type /minebay sell 100)

Choose a room to list your item and that's it!
You can only list one item per room, each room has a higher tax than the previous.

If you're looking to browse available items /ah will open this menu, you will however need to click on each room and reissue the command.

We hope that you like this feature and we're welcome to feedback. Expect some tweaks to this system over the coming weeks.


This Saturday we will be opening our new Kit PvP server! It's a new twist on a class Minecraft gamemode, and a great place to practice your PvP skills against other players. The server will be opening this Saturday after the Drop Party (/dp), you will be able to join with /kitpvp

If you have never tried Kit PvP before, here's a quick rundown:
  • You start off with the basic kit, iron armour, diamond sword, and soup.
  • Kill other players to get EXP to rank up, as well as coins to purchase new kits.
  • Use soup to heal your health in combat.
  • The server uses 1.9 PvP (you must time your hits).
There will also be a 1v1 arena that you can challenge others at.

We're looking forward to seeing everyone on Kit PvP this weekend.

The long awaited Armoury Crate has arrived! 9 special armour items with custom enchantments.

You can get keys for the crate on /shop, as well as at our webstore here.

The crate includes:

Sonic Boots - Leather boots that give you a Speed I effect permanently while you wear them.

Rocket Boots - Diamond boots fitted with rockets that can boost you up into the air (with no fall damage) when you are low on health.

Space Boots - Golden boots that give you a permanent Jump Boost III effect while wearing. Also have Feather Falling V for low gravity falling.

Tank Chestplate - A protection IV, Unbreaking III diamond chestplate with the "Hulk" enchantment, which gives you Strength while wearing, but also Slowness II.

Scuba Helmet - For those who build underwater, this Protection IV, Unbreaking III diamond helmet includes Glowing and Mermaid enchantments, which gives you water breathing and night vision underwater. Watch out for more gear fit for underwater work, like the Swimming Trunks and Magnet Tools coming later this summer.

Pyro Chestplate - Another Protection IV, Unbreaking III diamond chestplate, with Fire Protection IV and Molten, which has a chance to set anyone who hits you on fire.

Psychotic Helmet - Probably not very good in most situtation, wearing this helmet gives you a high chance of dealing double damage, but also gives you a bunch of negative potion effects.

Drunk Pants - Like the Tank Chestplate, these Protection IV, Unbreaking III diamond leggings give Strength I, but also Slowness and Mining Fatigue, perfect for Barbarians ;)

Jihad Helmet - Losing a fight and don't want your foe to get your items? Whip on the Jihad Helmet, a one time use piece of armour that creates an explosion when you die while wearing it, blowing up any items (and your head) when you die.