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It's almost 4/20, a big celebration on MCDrugs (for obvious reasons). To celebrate, we're having one of our biggest sales this map, everything on our store is up to 90% off!

Some big ones to look out for:

75% off all keys!
60% off all ranks!
70% off all boosters!
90% off all perks!

The video is live!
This may not have been what you were expecting, but we hope you all enjoy it.

There are going to be many posts over the coming days stay, stay tuned.

use code "SECRETPROJECT" for 25% off our donation store! (Limited to 2 players, get in quick!)
Side note, a bench has appeared in fisherman's cove - completely unrelated to any ongoing campaigns.
MC-Drugs Donation Store Gifting is Now Available!
Just a short post to let you guys know that you can now donate on behalf of your friends without having to log out of your Buycraft name & gift packages to different people with a single transaction. This has been requested for a long time and it's finally available.

As always, thank you all so very much for your ongoing support. There will be something new on the website next week, keep an eye out for that.

Grow, Sell, Excel,
MC-Drugs Staff Team.

We've got some very big news to announce today. As many of you may know, Ace and Hrby have donated a lot to the server. Spalw and I have been selling small amounts of shares to them, since we have been running out of funds to pay for the server (the price of 5.56 rifle ammunition, the ammo we use to shoot camels in the outback of Australia to reduce our carbon footprint, has been going up, due the second Great Emu War raging on in Australia and the demand being higher) and recently, they've accumulated a total of 51% of the server shares. This means that they are now the controlling interest of MCDrugs.

What does this mean to you players? Not much. To keep the current playerbase happy, the new owners have only decided to make a couple very small changes:
  • The server is no longer MCDrugs, but MCFish. Drugs are now outlawed and completely unable to be sold. Fish can be sold at the fish market on the beach.
  • The new administration, being exceedingly devoted to their faith, have decided to make the server strictly Christian. This has caused these minor rule changes:
    • Players who use bad words in chat will be asked kindly to attend reconciliation.
    • Reconiliation is held on Sundays, and any ban (even permanent) can be instantly appealed and unbanned by attending.
    • Since gluttony is a deadly sin, the weekly drop parties are being replaced by weekly Bible story readings. Extra emphasis on fishy Biblical stories, such as John 21, Jonah 1-4, etc.
    • All players are required to attend Sunday mass.
    • Sunday is the sabbath, fishing or working in other ways on this day is not allowed.
    • Potions are being disabled, as they represent magic and witchcraft.
    • Since all players should be good Christians who follow the commandments and beatitudes, the Factions plugin will be disabled. Players should have the morals to recognize that stealing or destroying other players' work is a sin.
    • Chastity will be...