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Congratulations to the winners, FAKExPOWER (First Place) and Gelato88 (Second Place).

This Saturday, following the Drop Party, we will be hosting the first Death Race is of the new map!

If you haven't participated in an MCDrugs Death Race, here's how it works:
  • The course is split into five stages, each with different difficulties and themes. PvP is enabled in some of these stages.
  • The only items allowed to be used in the race are the supplied kit, which includes leather armour and a stone sword.
  • Use of potions, extra effects, elytras, etc. is not allowed.
  • Don't worry, faction power loss is disabled at the event.
  • The first person to the end wins the biggest prize.

The prizes for this event will be announced later this week, closer the the death race. We hope to see many players participating in it!

Introducing the Legacy Crate! This crate includes 9 Crate items from last map, including favourites such as the Jackhammer, Mob Overkiller, Savage Axe, Blaze Spawner. The crate includes these items:
  • The Jackhammer from the Tool Crate
  • The Blaze Spawner from the Spawner Crate
  • The Savage Axe from the Weaponry Crate
  • The Unbreakable Pickaxe from the Tool Crate
  • The Heavy Axe from the Weaponry Crate
  • The Mob Overkiller from the Weaponry Crate
  • The Mining Helmet from the Armoury Crate
  • The Unbreakable Sword from the Weaponry Crate
  • The Legacy of Chuck from The Ruins of Fisherman's Cove

You can purchase a key for the Legacy Crate on our store or on /shop ingame!

The day is finally here. Many people have been patiently, and impatiently, waiting for the 2017 reset since it was announced back in April. There's been lots of teasers, speculation, and hype. The purge is coming to an end and the server will be opening very soon. This post will go in-depth about many of the new features.

To get ready for the server while you wait for it to open, do the following:
  • Switch to Minecraft 1.11.2
  • Download our resource pack (/textures in game) as it has updated for this map.


Many will agree that the new spawn is the best yet, out of the around eight spawns MCDrugs has had. We took a completely new approach to the island themed spawn we have had over the past couple maps, and made the new spawn a small city in a valley, surrounded by mountains. The spawn is much larger, allowing for many cool exterior buildings and easter eggs that can be found all over the spawn world.

Drug Selling
To compensate for the high number of police this map (see more info below) the drug selling NPCs have been split up. There is a small neighbourhood, where each of the default, VIP, VIP+, MVP, and MVP+ selling NPCs can be found in separate houses. We hope this will make it easier to avoid police, as they are not able to all camp one building anymore.

Player Shops
The new spawn will once again see player shop markets. The new ones are slightly larger than before, as well as there being slightly more shops. The shops are also closer to spawn than before, so we hope this will lead to higher usage of player shops.

The Prison
The prison is back this map. Unlike last map, you must now run through the police area to get to the prison. With the prison comes Esteban, who you can...

Check out the 2017 teaser trailer for a sneak peek at the new spawn!