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The day is finally here. Many people have been patiently, and impatiently, waiting for the 2017 reset since it was announced back in April. There's been lots of teasers, speculation, and hype. The purge is coming to an end and the server will be opening very soon. This post will go in-depth about many of the new features.

To get ready for the server while you wait for it to open, do the following:
  • Switch to Minecraft 1.11.2
  • Download our resource pack (/textures in game) as it has updated for this map.


Many will agree that the new spawn is the best yet, out of the around eight spawns MCDrugs has had. We took a completely new approach to the island themed spawn we have had over the past couple maps, and made the new spawn a small city in a valley, surrounded by mountains. The spawn is much larger, allowing for many cool exterior buildings and easter eggs that can be found all over the spawn world.

Drug Selling
To compensate for the high number of police this map (see more info below) the drug selling NPCs have been split up. There is a small neighbourhood, where each of the default, VIP, VIP+, MVP, and MVP+ selling NPCs can be found in separate houses. We hope this will make it easier to avoid police, as they are not able to all camp one building anymore.

Player Shops
The new spawn will once again see player shop markets. The new ones are slightly larger than before, as well as there being slightly more shops. The shops are also closer to spawn than before, so we hope this will lead to higher usage of player shops.

The Prison
The prison is back this map. Unlike last map, you must now run through the police area to get to the prison. With the prison comes Esteban, who you can...

Check out the 2017 teaser trailer for a sneak peek at the new spawn!

Today we are excited to announce the 2017 MCDrugs reset!

Here's a quick summary if you don't feel like reading the entire post:
In three weeks, on Friday, May 12, at around 7PM CST, MCDrugs will have a complete reset, as we normally do anually. Pretty much everything is resetting, including the map, money, drug/cop ranks, points, etc. There are a couple things that you won't lose if you have them now, such as staff ranks (helper and above) and donator ranks, which will be returned within the first day (or couple of days if the demand is high) of the reset. The reset is not all loss, though. There will be a completely new spawn, which many of the staff have been working hard on for months. There are also many new features that we've been waiting to implement, but could not mid-map. There will be preview threads of new features every day up until the reset.

Before the info about the reset, I'd like to explain something new that was just added: A playtime counter. Do /onlinetime ingame to see your playtime (/onlinetime top to see the top players). This counts your playtime on MCDrugs and the creative server. This function plays a part in something we'll be doing over the next month, up until the map reset. The top 25 players with the most playtime from now until May 11 will get a spot in the museum in spawn (where prestige plinths and master prestige NPCs will be found next map), with their head and name, as the Most Dedicated Pre-Wipe Players.

This is the three week notice of the annual MCDrugs reset. Last year's reset was on Friday, May 13. We chose to do it as close to a year as we could, while keeping it on a Friday, and picked May 12, three weeks from today.

All progress will be reset. This means your money, drug/cop rank, mcMMO stats, etc. will be set back to the start. Points are also being reset, so if you were saving...

It's almost 4/20, a big celebration on MCDrugs (for obvious reasons). To celebrate, we're having one of our biggest sales this map, everything on our store is up to 90% off!

Some big ones to look out for:

75% off all keys!
60% off all ranks!
70% off all boosters!
90% off all perks!