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  1. Eryk66
  2. Eryk66
  3. StopTakingUsernames
    Badmin is short for best admin
  4. xJackedx
  5. xJackedx
  6. NyaNicoFR//nicole17218
    makes acct 2 yrs after being inactive
  7. Bedheadz
    Bedheadz Spalw
    Hey Spalw I was wondering if you could check out my ban appeal for my brother? thank youf
  8. Flipy
    MCDrugs Resource Pack Rework coming soon! Stay tuned ;)
  9. porktoe
    hon hon titty croissant
  10. MonkaMemes
    MonkaMemes MadamCookie
    Banned with zero warning and doesn't even help out newer people. Decides that hurting new players is more important than building up a server.
    1. Cjhuber
      Apr 16, 2019 at 1:35 PM
    2. MonkaMemes
      Thank you. Could you look over my ban appeal. I feel like having the person who banned me review my appeal creates a bias and if you could look over it. The logic she gave for the reason she denied it doesn’t make sense to me. Also seeing you -high on people who disagreed with a mod with a valid reason is very upsetting. That makes it seem like you are just agreeing with them because they are a mod.
      Apr 16, 2019 at 1:44 PM
  11. Toad
  12. V0LTIX
    Chilly Days | Starry Nights | No Artificial Sugar
  13. OGsurfs
    critically acclaimed ~
  14. Cayderino
    Like for a rate <3
  15. Cayderino
    This reminds me of Facebook haha
  16. Teppo Mannisenmäki
  17. p0six
    p0six NeliDearest
    neli became mod im a prophet
  18. p0six
    if you like serrated strikes in pvp you are a sad loser
  19. p0six
    p0six InFamousAge
    what is an infamous age and how does it work
  20. hologoth