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  1. MalachaiJoe
    I survived a nuclear attack, but then Dakotaa beheaded me :(
  2. Nexus_PlayzYT
  3. adamauger
    adamauger Chargers2019
    Chargers is #1 cop :)
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  4. CloutAF
    CloutAF chickenchit
    I can't join the server but their is other people on, any help?
    1. chickenchit
      Make sure you're on version 1.11.2 or above
      Jan 13, 2018 at 11:03 AM
  5. Thimo Loderus
    Thimo Loderus Dakotaa
    I see now somebody removed all comments from ppl and locked my ban appeal...
    I dont think you did that since you were last seen viewing a thread about vip+ issue 19 minutes ago
    As you can see your staff would rather screw me over then help me and i dont think this is the way staff should behave since they are an example to others.
  6. Thimo Loderus
    Thimo Loderus Dakotaa
    Could you plss review my ban appeal cus i'm falsely accused of using a hacked client and your staff dont give a shit or something...
    I know your better then that and know you will really look into the case since no1 talked to me about it and i just got banned a soon as I came online.
  7. Thimo Loderus
    Thimo Loderus Dakotaa
    I don't know why i cant message you in private i guess you have that turned off.
    So i'm just gonna ask it like this and remove the post as soon as you have seen it.
  8. Thimo Loderus
  9. sky
    sky Oliiiiiiii
    oli come back
  10. MalachaiJoe
    MalachaiJoe kadewyd
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  11. William Goodwin
  12. Arth Watk
  13. soulenigma
    im reformed and trying to make amends
  14. kyle_anthonyy
    I am looking forward to how the new spawn is going to look. SO EXCITED!
  15. PhilsHousePlant
    I am simply just an average house plant that Phil Lester has killed.
  16. RazorXX
  17. PhilsHousePlant
    PhilsHousePlant Spalw
    Hey, I wanted to know if you could PM me about a name change on here?
  18. Acmon
    I crave a burrito...
  19. adamauger
    Jack and Jill went up the hill so he could lick her candy, but Jack got a shock and a mouthfull of cock 'cause Jill's real name is Randy!
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    2. MalachaiJoe
      Jan 16, 2018 at 9:19 PM
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  20. LoliHanta
    Ay yo I wanna finna nut inside an anime grill any tips?