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Dec 10, 2018 at 6:06 PM
Apr 23, 2016
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Jun 8, 2000 (Age: 18)
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Owner of MCDrugs

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Owner, 18, from Canada

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Dakotaa was last seen:
Dec 10, 2018 at 6:06 PM
    1. ColdTranquility
      Why is the tebex Minecraft verification method broken
    2. harrie
      hello, i want to change to cop but i have drugs in my chest am i allowed to sell that as a
      cop ?
      and if i raid a base from someone as a cop can i sell those drugs ?

      thank you
      1. Hamner_B
        Selling drugs you have prior to becoming a cop is against the rules, if I remember right.
        However, drugs you raid from someone while as a cop, are perfectly fine to sell.

        Unless things have changed.
        Jul 18, 2018
    3. Thimo Loderus
      Thimo Loderus
      I see now somebody removed all comments from ppl and locked my ban appeal...
      I dont think you did that since you were last seen viewing a thread about vip+ issue 19 minutes ago
      As you can see your staff would rather screw me over then help me and i dont think this is the way staff should behave since they are an example to others.
    4. Thimo Loderus
      Thimo Loderus
      Could you plss review my ban appeal cus i'm falsely accused of using a hacked client and your staff dont give a shit or something...
      I know your better then that and know you will really look into the case since no1 talked to me about it and i just got banned a soon as I came online.
    5. Thimo Loderus
      Thimo Loderus
      I don't know why i cant message you in private i guess you have that turned off.
      So i'm just gonna ask it like this and remove the post as soon as you have seen it.
    6. wolf4life
      noonononon Z_Wolfy_pvp
    7. wolf4life
      i cant get in to my account so change the applacation name for helper to twowatchboy
    8. zombasmash
      found that book you wrote about the bench incident in a raid
      funny af
    9. Xeoum
      This is neat
    10. swift_jhitt13
      Help. I didn't know how to play the game and i went to the wild and died in lava and all my stuff was deleted. Is there any way i could reset my profile thing and start all fresh and new?
    11. jesse clague
      jesse clague
      ummmm idk y but it wont let me connet to your server
    12. DogFace_100
      I know a lot of people probably ask why they were banned and ask for unban but I was banned when my friend was using a hacked client to fly. I have applied for helper please don't let this ruin my chances. I hope you see this.
    13. RooieRonnie
      Can you please unban me
    14. chickenchit
    15. forsvarsmakten
      I lost my donation rank that I had a long time ago I need to talk to you about it also I have the receipt
    16. JATMEM
      Is there anyc hance we could hold a vote to reset the server at an earlier time?
      1. Dakotaa
        No. A date hasn't even been announced yet, so I don't know how you expect a vote for a time earlier than undefined.
        Mar 25, 2017
      2. JATMEM
        From my understanding it was a set routine thing. most everyone was sying the server resets near the beginning of the summer vacation
        Mar 25, 2017
      3. Dakotaa
        Summer vacation starts at varying times depending on where you attend school.
        Mar 25, 2017
    17. Slimjimzy
      i dont even have hacks i couldn't even have them because my computer will crash all the time
    18. Slimjimzy
      bro i was lagging
      i wasn't even freecaming
    19. afandrew2000
      Could you take a look at my locked ban appeal? Thanks.
    20. GreenishFlame
      hey, i got temporarily banned for no reason help?
      1. Dakotaa
        I don't see you on the ban history, what is your username?
        Oct 10, 2016
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    Jun 8, 2000 (Age: 18)
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    Owner of MCDrugs