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1.8 PVP plugin

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by matthiasss_, May 31, 2016.

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  1. matthiasss_

    matthiasss_ Active Member VIP+

    I've seen alot of people hating the 1.9 pvp system and they want the 1.8 pvp system back.
    I googled around a bit and came across this:
    A plugin that allows to bring 1.8 pvp to 1.9 with the following features:
    • Removes attack cooldowns
    • Adds blocking
    • Removes collision for players
    • Reverts the new attack damage values for tools
    • Reverts Enchanted Golden Apples to their old state (incl. recipe)
    • Reverts Golden Apples to their old state
    • Automatically adds 64 Blaze Powder to brewingstands
    • Automatically adds 64 Lapis Lazuli to enchantment tables
    • All features are toggleable in the configuration.
    • Fully customizable

    Not sure if it works fine but if many people agree we could try this out on a test server for example.

    - Matthias
  2. Spalw

    Spalw Owner Staff Member Owner

    We're most certainly well aware of the plugins available to do this, we don't want to what so ever. Myself, Jon & Dakota all think the new PVP system is a huge improvement on the old one - and that it adds a lot to factions and the server in general.

    The only change we were dissatisfied with, was player collision - we have modified that slightly but in general we think it is very good.
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  3. matthiasss_

    matthiasss_ Active Member VIP+

    Ohh okay didn't know that, thanks for taking the time to ready anyway! :)
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