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2016 Summer Sale

Discussion in 'News' started by Dakotaa, Jun 21, 2016.

By Dakotaa on Jun 21, 2016 at 8:01 PM
  1. Dakotaa

    Dakotaa Owner Staff Member Owner

    Summer Sale

    Our biggest sale yet, the 2016 Summer Sale, starts this Thursday! This sale will feature up to 75% off on many packages in our store. Base sales will be available for the full 14 days, with sporadic flash sales for certain items or categories, with huge discounts, but for only a short time.

    New Store Content

    Along with the sale, we've brought some new content to the donation store. Prebuilt Bases will be available once again as soon as the sale starts. These were not available at the start of this map to make the beginning more fair for everyone.

    The new Summer Crate has been in spawn for a couple days now, below the RankUp Crate. Summer Crate Keys are now available, for $2.50 (not including the possible discounts) on our store, or 250 points in /shop.

    New donor feature
    Donators will now have access to the following commands.

    • /donor prefix help
    • /donor prefix remove
    • /donor prefix [rank]
    This will allow you to remove/add your donator prefix at will! You will have access to all ranks you own, meaning a mvp+ may now boast a VIP tag! The command to change or add your tag is /donorprefixvip The end of the command dictates which prefix you wish to use, available are vip,vip+,mvp,mvp+.

    A few other command have been added too.

    /textures & /apply [cop/helper/staff] These are are players asking where the texture pack is, or where to apply for staff.
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Discussion in 'News' started by Dakotaa, Jun 21, 2016.

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    1. z00fle
      how do prebuilt bases work? are they protected? where on the map are they? what comes in them? screenshots would be appriciated if possible.

      thanks again
    2. z00fle
      ah ok i see u updated the store demo is /warp base25 ill check tonight
      this means we dont need to use our sethome if we buy a base we can always warp to it?
      and what is in the summer crate?
      thanks in advanced
    3. Badkuip
      You need to use /home or /f home and you have to protect them yourself. You get what you can see in /warp base25. They are not overpowered or unraidable.
    4. dogypadle
      Hello z00fle,
      I saw your comment and would like to share by knowledge of what i know about 25$ bases with you. Prebuilt bases are bases which can be inserted via mcedit into the world. These are building that are well protected as they are made of obby and can be claimed by factions but do not possess any other protection other than physically and by factions. The protection and content of the base can be customised/adapted to your specifications but it will come at an extra cost. To view these options click prebuilt bases in the store and it will list the possible modules. The base will be in warp wild where you want it to be no /warp base25. /warp base 25 is just a show home to explain to people what it will look/be like when bought. Finally the summer crate i is a crate like all the others but only offers one prize. This prize is a 25$ base + sand protection module.
      I think all the infomation is correct but if im wrong please correct me and if you have anymore questions I will happily answer pm's on the forums or message me ingame.
    5. Gmanc2
      Great job with the sale ready to blow the paycheck ;)
    6. Ace42986
      Shut up and take my money!!!
      Please no more flash key bundle sale's I will be broke...... second thought more key bundle sales :D
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