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23/12/2017 Lost Items Thread

Discussion in 'News' started by Dakotaa, Dec 23, 2017.

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  1. DetectiveConan

    DetectiveConan Member Staff Member

    Username: DetectiveConan
    Inventory items lost: Space Boots (Armoury Crate)
    Enderchest items lost:
    25 Creeper eggs, 64 sheep eggs, 32~ of every ( other) spawn egg from drop party, Except 2 being mooshroom eggs, 1 being a villager egg.
    Also Lost:
    8 Super Gold Apples (Prestige Crate)
    Ice Cube (Summer Crate)
    Tier III Horse [Max]
    Gorilla Pet (Summer Crate)

    Boosters lost: None

    There might've been a few other things in my enderchest, but they're not all that important. Thanks for your time. And sorry to all for any lost items and inconvenience caused by this. This affected everyone who was online, not just yourself. Remember that and be patient, frens.
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2017
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  2. Chargers2019

    Chargers2019 Member VIP+

    Ign: Chargers2019

    Inventory lost: Fully maxed tier 3 horse, voter tier 3 Armor and voter t3 picaxe, axe, sword, Tier 2 voter bow with 64 arrows. 5 God apples, 8 3 point iron nuggets, 48 drop party frames and 16 blaze rods from drop party, 64 Arrows, Loot box 1 key, 12 christmas crackles, 64 steak, invis potion.

    Echest lost: Maxed old T3 mule. Like 64 golden apples, an M16 with ammo, like 10 tazer cartridges, backup prot IV diamond armor (cant remember kind) 2 stacks of cobble. I think I had 50 player points in there. Thats all i can remember.

    Boosters: N/A

    Can you please wipe my inventory before replacing my stuff. I don't need junky stuff! Thanks for any help you all can provide :)
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  3. LoliHanta

    LoliHanta New Member

    Inventory items lost:

    Enderchest items lost:
    Holiday crate key

    Boosters lost:
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  4. Luna326

    Luna326 New Member

    Username: Luna326
    Inventory items lost: about a stack and a half of drop party bags, 30x3 player points iron nuggets, some iron and gold and diamond blocks.
    Enderchest items lost: duckling128's head, a red rose, 30-ish gifts of giving, tank chestplate, firewood axe, sturdy torque, legacy of chuck fishing rod, elf armor, snow pants, 10 god apples
    Boosters lost: lolimonsomebrokelevelshitfamiaintgotany
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  5. Thefishslayer

    Thefishslayer New Member

    Username: Thefishslayer
    Inventory items lost: 2 diamond pics( one with fortune 2, efficiency 3, and unbreaking 2, the other only had silk touch) a diamond sword(sharpness 5, fire aspect 2, and unbreaking 3), diamond axe, efficiency 3 diamond shovel, 64 steak, 2 or 3 stacks of 64 dirt, 4 tier 2 crate keys, 1 tier 1 crate key, full diamond armor
    Enderchest items lost: not sure
    Boosters lost: none
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  6. keenan

    keenan New Member


    vote tier I diamond pickaxe, 15 of those iron nuggets, enchanted fishing rod, 1 drugpass level, 20 drop party bags and a full set of vote teir I diamond armor and a 64 stack of obsidian.

    that's really about all I care about
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  7. ze7707

    ze7707 New Member

    I lost 25 stacks of blaze rods that where in my enderchest.
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  8. Kota

    Kota Member

    I was given back the wrong armour, I got back a fullset of prot 4 mending unbreaking 3 armor, Instead of the pyro chestplate, and the prot 4 mending unbreaking 3 Drop party armor
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  9. redbaaron

    redbaaron Member MVP+

    Username: redbaaron

    I just remembered something else so I'm making a new post

    Inventory items lost:
    Enderchest items lost: All pieces of the Xmas armour
    Boosters lost:
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  10. knowski

    knowski New Member

    Thanks to whoever replaced my gear so far however still missing are my 16 x 3 point prize nuggets, 2 stacks of bookshelves...also 6 diamond blocks were replaced but I had one 64 stack and a 20 stack = 80. If they could be replaced it would be awesome please.

    Cheers <3
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2017
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  11. mj_the_gamer

    mj_the_gamer New Member

    I had 26 gas tear dp things, around a stack of the dp reward as vote pick and voter sword. in my enderchest, I had all rankup gear not damaged, 7 diamonds and around 20 iron. I also has the dp gear : 2 boots a chest and legs. I think thats it
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  12. mj_the_gamer

    mj_the_gamer New Member

    my user name is mj_the_gamer
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  13. SlimShady_69

    SlimShady_69 New Member VIP+

    ign: SlimShady_69

    echest: mob overkiller t3 helm and boots, magkcal pirate boots, pirate leggings, full elf armor set, christmas boots and leggings, ak47, mining helmet, 3 t1 keys and 2 t2 keys i think i had t3 keys but idk, some more stuff

    inv: 42 dp bags 5 of those nuggets some banners i wanted two sets of p2 armor(dp stuff) creeper and wolf egg nothing else important

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  14. BigChickenChit

    BigChickenChit Helper Helper MVP

    Username: BigChickenChit

    Enderchest items lost:
    Teir3 mule, (not a horse, I like my donkey)
    p5 helmet with mending,
    p4 chestplate with mending thorns3 unbreaking3,
    p4 leggings with thorns3 unbreaking3 mending,
    p4 boots with thorns3 unbreaking3 mending depthstrider3,
    10 christmas emerald gift of giving thingys,
    santas whip,
    extra hot sword the v one not the vi one,
    petcrate key,
    silk pic,
    unbreaking pic,
    mob overkiller,
    christmas tree sword,
    Ice cube,
    slime spawner,
    64 hoppers,
    silk shovel,
    firewood axe,
    snowball gun,
    tier 3 bow
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  15. giovanni

    giovanni New Member

    i had 9 diamond blocks three 64 stack of exp
  16. dnelly

    dnelly New Member

    i lost a diamond pick with fortune 3 unb 3 and effiencty 4, and a 2 tier 2 voter keys, also lost a stack of baked potatoes and a voter sword
  17. Wavii_

    Wavii_ Helper Helper

    Username: Wavii_
    Inventory items lost: Prestige ax
    Enderchest items lost: n/a
    Boosters lost: 1.7x all drug 30 min, and 1.3 or 1.2 random drug booster 1 hr (100% sure about the 1.7x, not 100% on the 1.2 random)

    (I was told by killah to reply again.)
  18. ownahoe

    ownahoe Member VIP+

    Edit dec-24th: I complety forgot i lost my inventory of mushroom i won from the drugpass, i was waiting for the 2x drug booster and sell it for more, i also had space boots, a mob killer, and also 54 drugpasses! Thanks!

    -sorry i had to edit it, i do a lot of drugs so my memory is all fucked up... i just remember it when i actually need the items lol...
  19. giovanni

    giovanni New Member

    when am i going to get my stuff
  20. SlimShady_69

    SlimShady_69 New Member VIP+

    i forgot an item, it was a Sun Sword
    ign: SlimShady_69
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