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Discussion in 'Faction Recruitment' started by Job, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. Job

    Job New Member

    In The 4thReich you start out as a recruit and you pay a tax of $5000 after 1 raid you will become a member(if you're a grower), members can go to the f base and only have a tax of $2500 and after 1 month and 10 raids you will become an officer with no tax

    Pay a 25% tax every time you sell drugs
    No backstabbing
    Listen to higher ranks

    to apply
    Please fill this out


    Time Played:


    Rank(at least smuggler):

    Donor Rank:


    Previous factions:

    screenshot of /mcstats:

    Why do you want to join the 4thReich?:

    Why should we trust you?:
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  2. RunningTusk24

    RunningTusk24 New Member



    Rank(at least smuggler):smuggler

    Age:almost 15

    Previous factions:none

    screenshot of /mcstats:done

    Why do you want to join the German Mafia?:Because I want to play with new people and hoppfully you guys are not jerks

    Why should we trust you?:Because I only play this server because I like to farm not raid and steal.

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  3. Job

    Job New Member

    You're in but you should try to get your power up
  4. luca

    luca New Member VIP

  5. Matt h

    Matt h New Member

    • IGN:jpusher11
    • Age:25
    • How often are you online:almost every night
    • Rank:dealer
    • How long have you played on the server: a week, but I had a huge faction on this server before it reset and a huge one on mafiacraft before it shut down (Skunkworks)
    • What benefit can you bring to the faction: I've been playing minecraft since it was released. I know how to do pretty much anything
    • What are you best/worse at in Minecraft: finding bases to raid, building cannons, farming, inchantments, mob grinders, I do suck at pvp though
    • Why should we trust you: Why should I trust you? Im extremely trustworthy once I trust you
    • Do you have any needs/requests from the faction: I go big, I will need help with builds, I love me some mob spawners and raiding raidproofed bases. With some help with my TNT and sand. Ps I use a lot of TNT.
  6. Job

    Job New Member

  7. Murican_panda007

    Murican_panda007 New Member



    Rank(at least smuggler):producer


    Previous factions: TheNorthFace

    screenshot of /mcstats: Down Below

    Why do you want to join the German Mafia?: Because my current faction is quite shit. The leader is never on and the fac does nothing. I wont to join because this fac seems active and I could help alot.

    Why should we trust you?: Because I trust you.
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  8. PandaRageGaming

    PandaRageGaming New Member

    Name: Korey

    IGN: pandaragegaming

    Rank(at least smuggler): producer


    Previous factions: PotHeadz

    screenshot of /mcstats: https://gyazo.com/bab55fa50505281a7d9292c5269e9dfb

    Why do you want to join the German Mafia?: Because I want to meet new people and have them benefit from my skills as well as I benefiting from there skills.

    Why should we trust you?: Because I have been playing this server from a very long time , I have never or will I ever betray a faction , I can look for raids constantly and I am on the server almost everyday for 5+ hours. Looking forward to meeting you all :D
  9. john P.

    john P. New Member

    Korey I love your application and i'm excited to say you are being accepted into the faction just message beebot,me, or jobgetz to get invited.
  10. Jack

    Jack New Member

    Name: Jack

    IGN: Jackstew1115 or Nick StewBrewer

    Rank(at least smuggler): Mass Producer almost Cook

    Age: 12

    Previous factions: TheWicked, Resurgence

    screenshot of /mcstats:

    Why do you want to join the German Mafia?: I want another faction that I can rely on

    Why should we trust you?: I personally know you Jobgetz from TheWicked 2016-12-31_17.25.46.png
  11. Job

    Job New Member

  12. Parker

    Parker New Member

    Name: Parker

    IGN: Potato_warfare

    Rank(at least smuggler): Drug Cartel

    Age: 12

    Previous factions: TheWicked/resurgence

    screenshot of /mcstats: Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 3.37.10 PM.png

    Why do you want to join the German Mafia?: I want a faction that i can be with for a while and that i can trust

    Why should we trust you?: I know jogetz from other factions and think i am trustworthy
  13. Job

    Job New Member

    ok ur in
  14. RabbiLarryCarl

    RabbiLarryCarl New Member

    Name: Daniel

    IGN: RabbiLarryCarl

    Rank(at least smuggler): Grower ( almost at Producer)

    Age: 16

    Previous factions: Royalty

    Why do you want to join the German Mafia?: I want a faction that can guard all my drugs and my supplies.

    Why should we trust you?: I know kuuy123 very well and he will even say that I am a trust, good guy. I am also on this server for more than 8 hours a day and I will do my best to help the faction.

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Dec 31, 2016
  15. beebot99

    beebot99 Helper Helper Contributor

    good job showing your hack when you screenshot'ed your mcstats.....
  16. Bacon

    Bacon New Member

    2017-01-08_12.23.59.png Name: Jason

    IGN: _Baecon_

    Rank(at least smuggler): Cook and VIP

    Age: 17

    Previous factions: NorthKorea (A long time ago, then I went solo)

    screenshot of /mcstats: Attached

    Why do you want to join the German Mafia?: I want to find a good team that I can work with and cooperate towards making money, taking out the competition and becoming one of the biggest factions on MCDrugs :D Plus I'm getting tired of going solo :( it gets kinda lonely after awhile

    Why should we trust you?: I have played on this server for a long time, over multiple resets. I have gained a lot of experience throughout my time playing on here. I am also an active player, good with farming and building, and I try to be as helpful to my faction and its members as I can. Plus, I'm Bacon! Who can say no to bacon?! 2017-01-08_12.23.59.png
  17. BrotherlyAss

    BrotherlyAss New Member MVP

    Name: Nick

    IGN: BrotherlyAss

    Rank(at least smuggler): Mass Producer/ MVP

    Age: 16

    Previous factions: Solo

    screenshot of /mcstats: My computer is currently having trouble screenshotting.

    Why do you want to join the German Mafia?: I have been solo for a while and just have not been having much fun, I believe if I join a team I could enjoy myself much more as well as benefit my teammates.

    Why should we trust you?: I have never betrayed any faction in my life and don't see a reason to.

    Thank you, Nick
  18. Job

    Job New Member

    I'm sorry but application Denied
    Reason: you don't have the mcstats screenshot and you don't give much info why we should trust you as well as why you want to join

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