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Valid Another fake cop.

Discussion in 'Player/Staff Reports' started by Shaddow420, Jun 26, 2018.

  1. Shaddow420

    Shaddow420 New Member

    Your IGN :Shaddow420
    Player to be reported : ttmedic2
    Player being reported Rank : unknown
    Describe your issue in detail : I was walking around the trailers when I saw ttmedic2 putting on and taking of blue leather armor one piece at a time.
    Why do you feel this is worth a report : Because wearing or even being in possession of blue leather armor is against the rules as well as imitating an officer.
    Attached Evidence here : javaw 2018-06-26 12-12-32-249.jpg javaw 2018-06-26 12-12-32-249.jpg javaw 2018-06-26 12-12-33-299.jpg
  2. chickenchit

    chickenchit Mod Staff Member Moderator MVP+

    Thanks for this report. It's been handled.

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