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Appreciate the 9mill OhChit!

Discussion in 'Raiding Discussion' started by Dest, Sep 19, 2017.

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  1. Dest

    Dest Well-Known Member

    We'll be back for the other rows later.

    Also don't be mean to our villagers thanks mate
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  2. Oliiiiiiii

    Oliiiiiiii Well-Known Member Contributor MVP+

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  3. chickenchit

    chickenchit Mod Staff Member Moderator MVP+

    Only 9mil?
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  4. Dest

    Dest Well-Known Member

    Sadly your faction members came on and blocked the hole. :(
  5. Gammin

    Gammin Member

    Two people don't make for fast work. :(
  6. InFamous

    InFamous Helper Helper MVP+

    nice to see you're using the correct video now
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