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Attack dogs

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by _bullsonparade_, Dec 31, 2016.


Do you think attack dogs would be GREAT for mcdrugs?

  1. yes

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  1. Attack dogs are an idea ive wanted on mcd for ever
    Attack dogs would be a donation item (via buycraft for 4.99)

    Apon buying and reciving your attack dog you will get to name it and would have controlls for it command being somthing along the lines of /dog or /attackdog
    You will be able to redeem mcmmo credit for abilitys for your own dog abilitys being
    Speed (how quick your dog is)
    health (how much HP your dog has)
    damage (how much damage your dog does)
    The maximum level would be 100 for each skill
    You can set your dog to either
    A Follow and attack anyone that is set as enemy (not fac members)
    B sit in your base and only get up if a enemy player is there
    C Sit and do nothing

    Police dogs can do A B and C but they can also take you to nearest player with drugs
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  2. Hrby

    Hrby Well-Known Member 2017 Map Founder MVP+ Contributor III Outstanding Forum Contributor

    You can actually do all of this with MCMMO. Try shift clicking with 10 bones, it will summon a tamed wolf. If you upgrade your MCMMO ability, the wolf gains attack damage and gets some special attacks. :)
  3. New_Silence__

    New_Silence__ New Member

    Hmm, however there have been some issues with summoning wolves or any entity using mcmmo in spawn. The entities when you spawn them in ( shift clicking on fish or bones to spawn in either the ocelot or the wolf) do not actually appear, the only thing that signifies that you have actually attempted to spawn them in is the 10 missing fish/bones and the chat message that says your specific tamed creature will be there for 240 seconds.

    I think to add to this idea would be the ability to spawn wolves into prison as this would greatly help cops in their attempt to defend themselves from players and would make prison pvp more interesting as wolves can in theory kill even the most armored player if your mcmmo taming ability is high enough.
  4. Dakotaa

    Dakotaa Owner Staff Member Owner

    If you're trying to spawn wolves in the Spawn world, it will not work because mob spawning is disabled.
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