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Avoiding Cops [Guide]

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Swissen2, Aug 20, 2017.

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  1. Swissen2

    Swissen2 New Member

    Are those pesky cops camping spawn and preventing you from going anywhere? Feel like you need a bit of insight on how to sell drugs without any cop interference? This may help.

    This guide will be focused on a few key tips that aim to help mostly new players stay away from cops. The rest is up for you to explore new methods and pathways to take when avoiding cops. Leave any extra helpful info or suggestions in the comments.

    Part I: Path-taking Basics~

    We've all been there... a cop is standing right outside the spawn exit, waiting for you to come out so he can take your hard-earned drugs! How do we avoid these guys if they constantly camp our only way out? The answer is simple! Think outside of the box.

    There are 4 cardinal exits from spawn, each having a trapdoor nearby leading to the sewers. Contrary to popular belief, cops can't camp all of these. If you look around on the spawn floor, you'll see another trapdoor that you can take that leads directly to the sewers, which are all connected by underground paths that you can take. There's an issue with these sewers.


    Name Tags
    Your username is able to be seen above your head, even while underground, or behind walls. (albeit less clearly) This allows cops to track you through your moving nametag if they ever spot you, making the sewers a risky place to travel if you're unprepared. How do we combat this?

    Invisibility Potions
    These potions can be brewed by putting a fermented spider eye in a potion of night vision. The longer the potion lasts, the better.
    They can also be purchased at playershops, which are located out from the west spawn exit. You'll see them when you see a bunch of chests in many boxes. If you don't have a high-end pc, all the chests may cause you some FPS drops. Installing Optifine may help reduce lag.
    Here we can see that invis potions that last 8 minutes are sold under the item_id Potion#6
    Buying these from players is a good way of getting these potions. I purchased one potion from BDM_ for 600$ by right clicking the sign.
    Be sure to remember: Right click buys, left click sells. B Stands for "Buy" S Stands for "Sell"

    Drinking these gives you the Invisibility effect, which hides your name tag and player skin completely, only leaving particles that emit from you every few seconds. Particles are the only way a cop can see you while invisbile. Walking instead of running will reduce the amount of particles you emit, and make it harder for a cop to track you while you're invisible and being chased.

    Never wear armor or hold anything in your hand when invisible! Cops are able to see whatever item(s) you have on/in your hand. This can lead to a sticky situation if you forget you're wearing armor...

    Part II: Path-taking Advanced~. Up ahead from the north spawn is the park. Invisibility can work wonders for you here, with trees to manuever around. Also north from here is an iron trapdoor you can take into sewers.

    The sewers are a nice alternative to walking above. There are even little easter eggs for you to find, though we don't really care about that right now. See the iron blocks up ahead? That there is just one shortcut you can take through the sewers, and it leads up above, near one of the drug houses. Keep in mind that cops can camp the sewer trapdoors/exit, so it's not always a viable way of avoiding cops. Still, it's there if you ever need it!

    Drug house prices not making enough for you? Feel like you want to take a risk?

    Last but certainly not least, we have the Prison. Prison can be reached by traveling directly north through the park. You'll notice it when you see a beach, and this GIGANTIC bedrock fortress. Following the road in.. we'll see...

    Prison is a dangerous area where you're given the option to reach an NPC called "Estaban," who will buy your drugs for a whopping 40% more than the standard price you're given at the drughouse.
    Of course, this comes with a risk...
    The entrance to the PRISON! PVP (Player vs Player) is enabled once you drop in, meaning anyone can attack you at anytime. (Even this noob in iron who I payed to take this picture)

    Not only that, but cops can also arrest you here if they reach you.

    That about does it! I'll post any extra tips I can in the comments. Hope this guide helps you make some delicious pixel moolah. The rest is all up to you. Goodluck out there!

    Last edited: Aug 20, 2017
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  2. UnduexSniper

    UnduexSniper New Member

    I have a video on my channel that goes in depth on how to run drugs from both a COPS/DRUGGIES view point
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  3. Celestaria

    Celestaria Active Member MVP

    SHHHHHHHH......... The criminals don't need this valuable information :D

    This is actually a really good and informative post for newer players joining the server and even older players that could do with some of this knowledge :p
  4. p0six

    p0six Well-Known Member MVP+ PvP Tournament (Not Winner)

    how can people run from hakrs like celest who have tracer pls ban celest adimen she haker
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