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Denied Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Ban Appeal' started by afandrew2000, Oct 23, 2016.

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  1. afandrew2000

    afandrew2000 New Member

    In Game Name : afandrew2000
    Length of Ban : permanent
    Nature of ban(ie, mine craft temp banned or TS3 perm ban) : Perma Ban
    Staff who banned you : Likely TheCandyMan
    Staff who dealt with you : Likely TheCandyMan
    Staff who have warned you previously : None
    Reason for ban on record : DDOS Threats
    Why do you think you were banned?(what you think the admins thought) :
    Some guy on plug.dj acted as me to get me banned.
    Why what is your explanation of this reason? :
    Honestly, the admin TheCandyMan is an immature and unintelligent admin. I clearly explained that anyone could frame anyone on plug.dj, and he said that he was "watching me" because I was "acting suspicious", and threatening that he'll go check the logs. I didn't care, as I didn't do anything. Now the same person probably told the plug.dj chat that he'll ddos, and that got me banned.
    Why should we unban you : It's pathetic that there is an admin so full of himself and so thoughtless that he'll ban someone on a platform where anyone could pretend to be me. I gave him an analogy that instead of using my name the perpetrator could've used his, and then he responded with "but they know I'm a manager." I then explained to him how that response doesn't kill the analogy, and he still acted as if I was guilty.
    What measures will you take to prevent this from happening again? : I did nothing wrong. It'd be great it TheCandyMan learned how to determine if someone was truly guilty.
    How can we trust you again? : n/a
    What else would you like to say to the admins who will review this case? : Honestly, this is pathetic. I already told Candy that the person was obviously framing me, and then he banned me without even talking to me. Jesus Christ, I did nothing wrong, and I already explained to Candy that I was being framed.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2016
  2. ThaCandyMan

    ThaCandyMan Admin Staff Member Admin

    Appeal Denied - We take DDOS threats very seriously.
  3. afandrew2000

    afandrew2000 New Member

  4. afandrew2000

    afandrew2000 New Member

    What the fuck does that even mean? I said that it wasn't me, and you ignored me.
  5. afandrew2000

    afandrew2000 New Member

    And now that I tried to make a plug.dj account under afandrew1234 you ban me instantly and don't allow me to even communicate.
  6. GotEdit

    GotEdit Well-Known Member Contributor II MVP+

    Thread Locked. I can't see how Candy and I are abusive in the screenshot.
  7. ThaCandyMan

    ThaCandyMan Admin Staff Member Admin

    I'm closing this thread... If the owners want to say something here they can... Until then you can stop posting.
  8. afandrew2000

    afandrew2000 New Member

    Thanks to Dakotaa for unlocking the thread temporarily. Some more things I want to add:

    Reading the application again, I am extremely hostile to Candy. We all know that's a stupid thing to do, to disrespect a staff, especially when you're a two day old player fighting the word of both an admin and a moderator. However, I hope you can excuse that due to my frustration and the incredulous circumstances.

    The image that I posted above may not directly abusive, but I meant it abusive in the way that without even reading my application you guys decided to instantly deny the ban. That was the abuse that I saw, not giving me a fair chance in appealing a ban, and then locking the thread instantly without further communication/info.

    Your response/reasoning for denying my appeal makes no sense at all, as I am not saying I gave the DDOS threat, but that it was forged in my name. Simply saying that you take DDOS threats very simply makes no logical sense in this case.

    I'll just re-mention the events that got me banned:
    Candy randomly messaged me saying he knows it's me. I, knowing I was being accused of something I didn't do and not knowing Candy was an admin, told him to fuck off.
    Of course, he then revealed that he could ban me which led me to find out that he's staff. I clearly stated to him that I don't use plug.dj and that someone was acting like me, but he disregards my explanation saying that he for a fact knows it's me, and that he has logs to prove it.
    Based off of what he said, I instantly deducted that he didn't have the logs to plug.dj as he kept disturbing me without providing any evidence. This is also probably one of the main reasons that Candy think that I did what that person did, because I was so confident he didn't know what he was doing.
    Cut to 10 minutes later, all of a sudden while having MC on the side I see I'm banned. Made an appeal, which got shut down instantly. Before they shut it down, I was making a plug.dj acc and saw what they said in that SS above. Got that acc banned, then made another acc which they were nice enough to let me communicate through.

    The reason I care about this appeal is that I find it incredulous that an admin would ban me for something that obviously wasn't me and because I genuinely like this server. The final decision, of course, is the owner's. I'll be fine if you decide that even if I'm not guilty you don't want me back, because after all it is your server and not mine. I just hope the owners consider my appeal fairly unlike Candy and Edit, and that it is known that Candy and Edit abused their powers in banning and dismissing my ban appeal instantly.
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2016
  9. ThaCandyMan

    ThaCandyMan Admin Staff Member Admin

    Everyone are entitled to their opinions. You are right... it is the owners final decision in the appeal... Here is one kicker though... Before issuing the ban for DDOS threats. The player in Plug.dj referred to me as Candy... You are the only one I had messaged about the account in game when you told me to "Fuck Off" My name in Plug.dj is not ThaCandyMan or Candy etc... Its a whole different name... This is how I deducted that it was in fact you.
  10. afandrew2000

    afandrew2000 New Member

    Is that your kicker? Jesus Christ... If I recall correctly, I publicized that you were being unintelligent in accusing me for being the plug.dj user and harassing me, followed by other players also started mentioning that I was being accused. You/owners can check the logs, because 2 other players also addressed me in public chat so I gave them my response. Furthermore, I don't believe it would be hard for that player to determine that your name ID was you.

    Plus, please think about this logically. This plug.dj person, who I think someone said in public chat that played porn, serves a purpose to troll. Do you not think he'd further antagonize you? Like cmon dude, use your damn brain. He was acting as me, and impersonating me. What is the logical, reasonable action for you to do? Confront me.

    Plus, I can't believe you haven't even thought about this yet. If I did want to troll people, why didn't I pretend to be someone else?

    ... am I the only person finding this ridiculous?

    On another point of Candy being abusive, it is now apparent that my claim was denied but now since there is Owner intervention Candy is now taking the appeal seriously.
    Just reread Candy's statement and realize that it makes 0 sense/logic whatsoever, and in fact is concrete evidence that I wasn't the plug.dj person. I'll further elaborate on it if need be.
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2016
  11. ThaCandyMan

    ThaCandyMan Admin Staff Member Admin

    Well, If being "abusive" is instantly denying the appeal then I have abused many times. We instantly deny all DDOS threat appeals... This is nothing new. As you stated before in your appeal... It's the owners choice on the appeal... and honestly if they thought I was abusing in any way... they would have demoted already. This hasn't happened. So you saying that the owner thinks I'm abusing is totally inaccurate. I take all ban appeals seriously, which is why I stated in my previous statements, is that owner can can look into it... I'm sure he wants more information from you on the subject which is why it was opened for reply.
  12. afandrew2000

    afandrew2000 New Member

    I've mentioned this three times already, but this is a special circumstance where in this case it wasn't me with the DDOS threats. As an admin you should be experienced/knowledgeable enough to understand that this blanket rule doesn't apply in this case.
    Of course it's the owners' choice in this appeal, they own the freaking server. If they don't like me, that's a fair reason for removing me permanently.
    I honestly think that you're not trying to be malicious now, but that you're just incapable of understanding the scenario from any other POV than yours. And of course I don't expect you to be demoted, as I'm just a two day old player versus you who's probably played for years.
    You obviously don't take the ban appeal seriously, as your first response was empty without consideration of the stuff in the ban appeal, and showed that in your first post after Dakotaa unlocked the thread that you actually had stuff to say. Furthermore, Edit and you planned to instantly reject me.
  13. ThaCandyMan

    ThaCandyMan Admin Staff Member Admin

    Well, I do apologize if it seemed as though I wasn't taking the appeal seriously. I have been admin a little over a year here but that has no influence on the appeal at all. I also apologize if I seemed "malicious". Since I have been admin we have had no one come on our plug "pretending" to be someone else... The person in plug said they were you even before I logged onto the server or plug.dj... so they would have had no idea a staff member would have been there. This is where my reasoning is coming from.... You also stated yourself you have no enemies on the server... Since the is the first time this has ever happened, of course I am going to come to the conclusion that it was you... This will be my final reply... We will await a response from higher up. Thanks.
  14. afandrew2000

    afandrew2000 New Member

    What does it matter if the plug.dj person knew a staff was there for a person to troll?
    I don't knowingly have any enemies on this server, which you asked me when seeing if anyone would want to be malicious to someone.
    This is honestly so cringey. I think the worst part of it all is that you're actually serious in thinking I was the person on plug.dj; that truly is the worst thing about this instance. It's terribly obvious it wasn't me. I've wasted too much time today on this, but I'll spell it out for you in black and white.

    When questioning me, I responded with a "Why do people on Minecraft go to random servers and grief?"
    You failed to realize what I meant, and what I meant is that people, not just on Minecraft, just like to dick around to hurt other people to feel better about themselves, otherwise known as trolling.
    Obviously, the plug.dj person was trolling. Now, if a troll wanted to optimize hilarious damage, they'd definitely frame someone. In this case, they just chose me out of nowhere. By doing so, they are allowed to anonymously attack the server, and forge a scapegoat as well. That would allow them to escape any punishment. I'd also like to note that no one even contacted me about plug.dj before you, so it was obvious to them that the person was impersonating me.

    "Here is one kicker though... Before issuing the ban for DDOS threats. The player in Plug.dj referred to me as Candy... You are the only one I had messaged about the account in game when you told me to "Fuck Off" My name in Plug.dj is not ThaCandyMan or Candy etc... Its a whole different name... This is how I deducted that it was in fact you."

    You can't be serious with this one. If anything, it PROVES that I was not the plug.dj person. This means that the plug.dj person was able to identify you. How the hell could I, a 2 day old player, have identified you? Does that make any sense? Your excuse that the plug.dj person was me because he was able to identify you CLEARLY proves that in fact I could not have been that person, as I wouldn't know who you are. This is why I had a feeling you were acting malicious towards me; it's because everything you say just supports my point.

    Even if I am not unbanned, unless Candy and the owners have some private relationship (like good long-time friends), I hope that the owners will reconsider Candy's position, or at least further explain the intricacies of dealing with hoaxes. Any reasonable person would be able to clearly deduct that the server was being attacked with me being the scapegoat.

    Now hopefully one of the owners can come in now and prove me correct.
  15. ThaCandyMan

    ThaCandyMan Admin Staff Member Admin

    There is only one problem, As I stated before, maybe you aren't grasping the concept... I told you in game who I was before the Plug.dj "Imposter" called me Candy... So you in fact did know who I was... So your argument of being 2 days and not knowing who I was is invalid... The "Imposter" identified me in plug.dj as Candy after the fact I told you in message who I was when confronting you about the situation.
  16. afandrew2000

    afandrew2000 New Member

    You noticed me of this issue. You never identified yourself as your character username on plug.dj. Owners can check the logs, ffs.
    My argument of being 2 days was to prevent you from responding with "oh well you could've found out who I was", which I would not be surprised if you responded with that to me.
    I only now know who you are on plug.dj because of the context clues that are obvious in the picture I have.
    Is this still a facade? Are you purposely trying to act if I was guilty to get me to confess? You did it before, so I wouldn't be surprised if you are doing it again.
  17. afandrew2000

    afandrew2000 New Member

    There's no shame in admitting a mistake. I will respect you as an admin if you admit that you were incorrect in your judgement in banning me. We are all human, and a mistake once in a while appears. It is when ego and self-pride prevent a man from admitting a mistake he loses the respect of others. You appear to be searching for whatever shred of evidence you can to keep me banned, which I don't understand why. I will learn to forgive and forget this incidence if you take it upon yourself to admit that you did something wrong, which happens to everyone.
  18. ThaCandyMan

    ThaCandyMan Admin Staff Member Admin

    Honestly bud, I'm not going to admit a mistake when I honestly don't believe I have made one. The owners can sort this out... Talking about ego and self-pride... I have unbanned many people when they have made their appeals... I do admit to making mistakes once in a while. You have done nothing but bash me "mainly" and Edit since you have started this whole process... Honestly you are so full of yourself you fail to even try to see the side of myself and Edit. Clearly you can't comprehend that this has never happened on our server or plug server before and you fail to give any reasoning for someone singling you out of the over 40 something odd players that were on. I honestly hope you can get what ever you need out of this whole process because you need some kind of closure. I am done responding "for real this time". Dakotaa and/or Spalw can use both sides of the story here to make their decision and I will respect the decision they decide to make.

    P.S I don't wish for anyone to stayed banned that doesn't deserve it, and honestly I have still have no hard feelings toward you or anyone involved in all of this. I know you are just trying to give your side... you could have chosen to do it more respectfully though, instead of bashing someone every time you type a response.

    Have a great night, and once again... I hope you get what ever closure you are needing out of this soon.
  19. afandrew2000

    afandrew2000 New Member

    A. I have acknowledged your points and countered them with points with a logical pathway on how I arrive to my conclusions, while everytime I dismiss a point of yours you conjure up another and refuse to regard to the previous debunked points.
    B. I clearly stated that I have no idea who did this, and I fail to see how this makes me guilty. Would it have been better if I gave a target? Is this the Salem Witch Trials, where everyone is accused for something blown disproportionately? You guys recently had a Force OP person, which I think was a first for you. There is a first for everything, and something happening first should now allow you to unacknowledge basic reasoning.
    C. The closure I hope to get is that the owners agree with me that I am innocent, and hopefully that will get me unbanned.
    E. My excuse for being disrespectable is that I am frustrated and incredulous that you don't understand my viewpoint; I apologize for doing so.

    It's obvious that we will never be able to convince each other that the other is in the wrong. We will await Dakotta and Spalw's response.
  20. Spalw

    Spalw Owner Staff Member Owner


    I'd first like to address to image you have described as "Abusive Staff", as has been made very clear many times in previous appeals - Appeals are not to be used to apologize for something you have done, they are for situations where the circumstances have changed and / or the situation has had a considerable misunderstanding. Edit's response (I assume) was merely that due to the nature of your ban, there wasn't a feasible situation of that you didn't deserve a dos threat ban. It is common for staff to discuss appeals, however I can assure you that each and every appeal is read by multiple staff and if we have a varied opinion we discuss them in private.

    As for this appeal, the way it was originally written is beyond childish. From speaking privately to the staff involved I have no way of believing that someone acted as you, alongside the subtle conversational points (Some of which have been brought up in this thread) make it quite clear of what's going on.

    It's for that reason that i am going to be denying this appeal. If you have any further concerns - please feel free to private message me on the forums.

    I hope this helped :)
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2017
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