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Denied Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Ban Appeal' started by Vanimion, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. Vanimion

    Vanimion New Member

    Member Name Vanimion

    Ban appeals are for when we have made a mistake, or there has been a significant change in the circumstances.
    These are the only reasons a ban appeal would be accepted. Appeals for "apologies" or just admitting you did wrong will be instantly denied.

    In Game Name:

    Length of Ban: 24 hours

    Nature of ban(ie, mine craft temp banned or TS3 perm ban) : Temp ban

    Staff who banned you : ToxicChit

    Staff who dealt with you : ToxicChit

    Staff who have warned you previously : idk

    Reason for ban on record : extensive history/not listening to staff

    Why do you think you were banned?(what you think the admins thought) : I think it was because of the argument about politics when they told us to stop. If they told me to stop doing anything else, i either didn't get the time to see it or just didn't see it

    What is your explanation of this reason? I stopped arguing when the mods told me to, so I don't get the point of the ban

    Why should we unban you? Because I haven't done anything wrong

    What measures will you take to prevent this from happening again? Not arguing

    How can we trust you again? Because I didn't do anything wrong, and if I did, I didn't even know

    What else would you like to say to the admins who will review this case? I didn't even do anything wrong???
  2. ToxicChit

    ToxicChit TrialMod TrialMod MVP++

    After discussing your history and actions last night, with higher staff; I have decided to deny your appeal. The toxicity in chat, and not listening to staff after being told to drop the conversation and to stop being racist in chat, is not acceptable. We tolerate a lot of stuff and honestly, I am surprised you were not temp banned sooner with the extensive history and mutes for staff disrespect.
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