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Beginners raiding guide

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Killah121, Aug 23, 2018.

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  1. Killah121

    Killah121 Well-Known Member MVP+

    The purpose of this thread is to help you understand how to raid a base. I do not in any means own any of the tnt cannons displayed. They are designs i have found myself after doing abit of searching on google.
    So before we start i'd like to mention that the tnt cannons won't always fire according to plan. Perhaps there'll be server lag or too many people online which will also have an effect on how the cannons work. You just have to be patient and power on through!

    What is a tnt cannon and how do i make one?
    A tnt cannon is a a bit of red stone, blocks, dispenser and water with a button built in a certain way that fires tnt in a certain direction could be at a wall or into thin air.

    Here are two cannons i use to get into bases, any type of raiding just simply takes time. There's no such thing as an unraidable base to break into any claimed base you'll need one or both of these.
    First cannon i will use is a slime block cannon. The max range effectiveness of this cannon is 2 chunks, so if the centre base is within 2 chunks this is the cannon you want to use to get through the walls or the roof. Any wall or roof covered with water or lava will need to have hybrid shot, shot at it. A hybrid shot is where you find tnt and sand at the same time, the tnt will sit inside the sand and do damage to the block covered with water as demonstrated in the video below.

    This video shows how to use and build a slime block cannon it has an auto stacking feature to it also in case you want to attempt to get in from a height.

    You can find both cannons showcased at /warp tutorial.

    The second cannon I would use would be a hybrid scatter cannon. The max range effectiveness of this cannon can be up to 7 chunks depending on how much power you add more dispensers with tnt adds more power.

    You might ask what is a scatter cannon. Just fires multiple tnt out of the front 2 dispensers at once instead of just 1 per shot as i demonstrate in the video. If you want to create pure destruction place as much tnt as you like into the two at the front and go wild each dispenser will fire 5 at once, this cannon does not have an auto stacking feature so stacking with this will be more costly on tnt.

    Tips and tricks

    Double check the roof and walls to see if you can frost walker them. This is where you wear boots that have the frost walker enchant and remove the water protecting the walls or roof. Best to do it at night time as the water will remain frozen until day. In some cases this can be easier to get into since all you have to do is freeze the roof and either creeper egg or slime cannon in.

    Try to check what blocks the walls or roofs are made from. You can use silver fish to eat through cobble walls. As demonstrated in the video below. You can also use creeper eggs on a obby wall covered by lava or water, the wall will still take damage from the creeper and Tnt explosions.

    You can use concrete powder to create a block for you or even block water below as demonstrated here.

    If you have any questions or any tips you'd like to add yourself then feel free to comment/ask below. Other than that good luck.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2018
  2. Kyrxu

    Kyrxu Member

    This is a pretty cool guide, thank you. :)
  3. BertBerry

    BertBerry New Member

    Thank you so much! It'll be helpful for us in the future!
  4. p0six

    p0six Well-Known Member MVP+ PvP Tournament (Not Winner)

    thsi silver fish raiding method is very good
  5. Heptic

    Heptic New Member

    Amazing guide, good job, Im new to factions this helps
  6. Killah121

    Killah121 Well-Known Member MVP+

    Bumping the guide to remind players you can use tnt or creeper eggs to blow into a obby wall covered by water or lava just place the creeper egg within a air pocket near the water not within it. This will also work against cobble walls where you place a creeper egg against the covered cobble wall and push the the creeper egg into it thus creating you an air pocket!
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