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Brewery plugin

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by _bullsonparade_, Jan 1, 2017.


DO you think that the legal selling of alchohol is right for mc drugs?

  1. yes

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  2. no

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  1. In MC Drugs there may be lots of illegil ways to make huge profits but there arent any ways to make legal profit
    I think it would be cool if the brewery puglin could be implamented each drink could be sold for a smaller profit then drugs jut sold at the drug house i think that cop could only be able ot steal your supplies for brewing
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  2. Spalw

    Spalw Owner Staff Member Owner

    We have been looking / theorising about a plugin that serves this purpose for a while now.
    If you have any interesting ideas about specifics for a plugin such as this, we'd love to hear it.

    I think all of the staff agrees that it is something that fits our server, but we're working on the implementation.
    We currently have a massive project in the works, however I'm sure this will be high on the list for the next features we wish to include in a patch.

    Thanks very much for your suggestion, as always - if you have any suggestions, we'd always love to hear them. (Sometimes, it's the crazy ideas that turn out to be the best fit!)
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  3. :):)Thanks for taking the time to look at this i would also like you to check out my non drop on death weapon idea!
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  4. Jack

    Jack Member MVP+

  5. Nexus_PlayzYT

    Nexus_PlayzYT Member MVP

    Jack I would like to say that I think that idea would be our best shot for mcdrugs and due to the side effects and categories that the plugin may bring along with detail seems to be one f the best fits into minecraft
  6. Thank you all for checking this out i would LOVE this in minecraft!! also cops should be able to do this
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