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Coming Soon: The Pit

Discussion in 'News' started by Dakotaa, Sep 19, 2018.

By Dakotaa on Sep 19, 2018 at 3:38 PM
  1. Dakotaa

    Dakotaa Owner Staff Member Owner


    A new area has been added to the spawn, The Pit.

    The Pit will be split into two sections: the surface level and the depths.

    The surface level will offer only PvE threats, including ordinary mobs and easy to medium difficulty bosses.
    The depths offer a more hardcore experience; PvP and PvE, with the most difficult bosses.

    These bosses will drop a range of rewards, from points, to money, to a new currency, "Boss Souls", which can be traded in for keys, including the old keys no longer available on the shop, as well as other exclusive items.

    To access it, The Pit must be open, and can be opened for anywhere from 1 to 48 hours at a time by purchasing an access pass on the store. This pass opens the pit to everyone.

    More information will be released about The Pit as we approach the launch, which should be within the next couple weeks.
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Discussion in 'News' started by Dakotaa, Sep 19, 2018.

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    1. Question_Box
      Sounds fun guys! Thank you!
    2. SlimShady_69
      Oh great so i'll never use this feature. and even if the small chance im online and someone activates one, if i dont have the best fucking gear on the server someones just going to kill all the bosses i want to kill for me and i can rule out ever going into the pvp section of it, because theres gonna be that one guy with disgusting gear there. and buying it in game will probably cost millions, this just feels like one of those things where only the rich get richer from because they will have the best gear and take most of the cake, but the positive side is if you have a team of people you can strategize to kill most of the bosses and it could be very lucrative for you. i think the pits an awesome idea but its only awesome if you reap most the rewards and have the correct gear
    3. Spalw
      We are adding a doll dress up mini-game in a few weeks that will evidently be more your speed.
    4. Puppy_Killer
      I cant wait! Dress up is the best game UwU
    5. sky
      lmfao we got like 7 dubs of prot 4 gear isnt hard to get at all. Sets are cheap and making one takes little to no time
      Last edited: Sep 28, 2018
    6. SlimShady_69
      awe spalw you didnt have to do that just for me <3
    7. SlimShady_69
      im not talking about p4 i cane make like 4 dubs of that. theres gonna be like a squad rolling in with p5 and sharp 6 swords and god gapps who will steal all the kills
    8. Puppy_Killer
      Dw i dont have any of that stuff either. Ill probably be running around in iron armor because im too poor to get diamonds :(
    9. sky
      The damage difference between p4 and 5 is actually really low. Its more about skill than gear \o/
    10. SlimShady_69
      thank you i really appreciate that
    11. p0six
      bad science. p4 - p5 is a difference of 55.5% damage taken. A person with p4 has to get in twice as many hits in order to be equal plus a few more.
    12. Dakotaa
      Small preview of The Pit, we're expecting launch within the next week.
    13. p0six
      Can we expect the rewards from the pit to be worth fighting for?
    14. Spalw
      It's in the post.
    15. SlimShady_69
      is there a date on when this will happen or a month, and what the passes will cost
    16. Dakotaa
      As stated above, expecting to open it this week (likely Saturday)
    17. SlimShady_69
      ok thank you
    18. SlimShady_69
      each tier of protection has a destinct advantage over the other tier, same with swords.
    19. SlimShady_69
      When is the doll dress up game?
    20. Dakotaa
      Please stop posting so many replies to this thread, condense each reply into one post.
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