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Important Cop Rules

Discussion in 'Rules' started by DrunkenSniper, May 14, 2016.

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  1. DrunkenSniper

    DrunkenSniper Retired Staff Retired Staff

    1. Don't go on duty outside of the spawn world
    2. Don't Frisk inside the Spawn Building
    3. No Personal Farms or Farm use of any kind (Unless Raiding). This Includes going through chest connected to farms or sitting at auto farms
    4. Don't Sell for Non-Cops
    5. Don't Frame Players (Dropping drugs on the ground for them to pick up to be jailed)
    6. Don't Take Bribes
    7. Don't take drugs or use potions while jailing players or on duty
    8. Don't give special treatment to faction members
    9. Don't use /Swat outside of the spawn world
    10. Don't Jail players at Dp's or Server Events

    /rules 3
    /rules 4 in game.
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