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Drug Muling - Testing Stage

Discussion in 'News' started by Dakotaa, Nov 29, 2017.

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  1. Dakotaa

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    A new major mechanic is being introduced to MCDrugs: Drug Muling

    Have you ever realized that you have too many drugs to sell on your own? Want to maximize your profits during a drug price booster? Don't have any drugs to sell, but really good at getting past the cops? Drug muling offers a solution to these situations.

    With drug muling, you will be able to either be a supplier or a mule:

    The supplier is the one getting the drugs and listing them to be muled. When they have drugs they want to sell, they can use the command /mule sell <cut>, specifying what cut of the final selling profits that the mule will receive (in percent). They are then given a GUI to place the drugs they want sold into. Once the GUI is closed, the drugs are added to the mule job listing, where a mule can request to sell them. If the supplier accepts, the mule is given the drugs and has 10 minutes to sell them. If they sell them in time, the profits are split between the supplier and the mule, according to the cut that the supplier offered. If the mule fails to sell them, the drugs are lost.

    The mule sells the drugs. They go on duty with /mule duty (similar to police /duty) where they have a seperate inventory and can look at the jobs listing with /mule jobs. Once they find a job that they want to take, they click on it to send a request to the supplier. If the supplier accepts the mule's request, they receive the drugs, are teleported to spawn, and have 10 minutes to sell them.

    There's also a statistic and reputation system. When a mule sells drugs successfully, their reputation goes up. When they fail to sell them in time, it goes down. Mules can go on "rep streaks"; subsequent successes or failures will reward more/less reputation each time. When a mule requests to take a job from a supplier, the supplier is shown that mule's reputation, as well as their success rate. If a mule's reputation is high enough, they can take jobs instantly without having to make a request to the supplier.

    There's likely to be a lot of exploits or bugs with the new system, so for the first week the ability to be a mule will only be available to players with VIP, VIP+, MVP, and MVP+ ranks. However, any player will be able to list drugs to be sold by a mule. If all goes well, the ability to be a mule will become available to all players next Saturday.

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