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Drug Muling

Discussion in 'News' started by Dakotaa, Dec 9, 2017.

By Dakotaa on Dec 9, 2017 at 7:31 AM
  1. Dakotaa

    Dakotaa Owner Staff Member Owner

    A new major mechanic is being introduced to MCDrugs: Drug Muling

    Have you ever realized that you have too many drugs to sell on your own? Want to maximize your profits during a drug price booster? Don't have any drugs to sell, but really good at getting past the cops? Drug muling offers a solution to these situations.

    Drug muling is now available to all players on the server at the rank Mule or above.

    With drug muling, you will be able to either be a supplier or a mule:

    The supplier is able to remotely have their drugs sold from anywhere. They place the drugs they want to have sold up to be muled, using the command /mule sell <cut> (the cut is the percent of the total profit the mule receives). If a mule whose reputation isn't high enough to automatically take the job sends a request to mule the supplier's drug, they must accept/deny it. Once accepted, the mule has 10 minutes to sell the drugs and if successful, the profits are automatically split between the supplier and the mule.

    The mules are the ones on the streets at spawn, selling the drugs. They go on duty (similar to police duty) with /mule duty. This command gives them a whole different inventory to mule with. Keep in mind that while on mule duty, you can not move drug items around in your inventory, so plan your inventory items/potion effects accordingly. Once a mule is ready to take a job, they view the listing of jobs with /mule jobs. From here, they can see who is supplying, what the drugs are, and what the cut would be. When they find a suitable job, they click it. If they have high enough reputation to auto-accept the job, or the supplier accepts their request, they are teleported to spawn and given the drugs. From here they must make it to any of the drug selling NPCs at spawn. The profits of the sale increase for both the supplier and the mule based on what the NPC sells the drugs for, so a mule that can sell at the MVP+ NPC is more valuable than one who can only sell at the normal NPC. Drug price boosters also affect the profits.

    There's a reputation system, too. Every time a mule successfully completes a job, their rep goes up. Likewise, their rep goes down when they fail. Mules can go on "rep streaks" for subsequent successes, earning up to 5 rep per successful job. There's also failure streaks, so if a mule fails 3 times in a row, their rep will have gone down by 6. Once a mule hits 50 reputation, they no longer need to be approved by suppliers and can automatically take jobs.

    Some disclaimers/warnings about muling:
    • The mule inventory is seperate from the normal inventory, but does not save. Do not keep valuable items in your mule inventory. If you leave mule duty, any items you still have in your mule inventory will be lost.
    • If you die on mule duty, you will drop your normal inventory items. This is to prevent exploits of the system using a seperate inventory. You can, however, wear armour while in mule duty to avoid dying, but keep in mind the above point.
    • If you are jailed while on a mule job, the job will still be active. You can either wait for the 10 minutes to run out, or do /mule duty to automatically fail the job.
    • It is recommended that you do not keep valuable items in your normal inventory when going on duty. The system does store your inventory items, but there may be unforseen issues that cause you to lose items from your normal inventory. We will not be compensating for lost items.
    • Abuse of the reputation system or intentionally failing mule jobs will result in a ban and your ability to mule/make jobs being revoked.
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Discussion in 'News' started by Dakotaa, Dec 9, 2017.

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    1. Oliiiiiiii
      Honestly, I know muling has been around for a while now, available to VIPs but now that it is available to everybody I think it will entirely diversify MC-Drugs.

      I hope to see this feature stay throughout the future of this server. It creates a third role to play in the drug economy, seperate from drug dealers and cops. This allows the people who don't want to farm opportunities to make money and allows the farmers to do what they do best.
    2. Ziexd
      10/10 dont have to run again
    3. Chargers2019
      This is awesome. Makes a cops job better as well. More people running!
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