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Drug Use - Good Or Bad?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BobTheWolf, Jan 8, 2019.

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  1. BobTheWolf

    BobTheWolf Member VIP+

    Okay so was advised with a few others to bring this topic over to the forums by noodly.

    My belief is that Drug use is neither good or bad.

    Obviously overly excessive drug use is bad but you shouldn't actually slam a drug if you haven't done the research into it or have tried it yourself.

    Anything is bad when done obsessively, including eating food - even playing the mc-drugs server.

    But drugs are VERY UNLIKELY to harm you if you're to try them and you've done your research on the drug itself beforehand.

    For those saying 'yeah well the drug could be laced'. Well this is where you need to do the research. Test what you get if in doubt of what you're getting.
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  2. Skystar99

    Skystar99 New Member

    I agree some drugs aren't harmful and can be okay if you are careful. However, many are not careful and use them to excess. This is what worries me. Personally, my father is an alcoholic and it has emotionally destroyed me for the majority of my life. It's ruined our relationship and has torn our family apart. On top of this he does chewing tobacco, which has caused him to lose multiple teeth. In another case a friend of mine has somewhat recently become addicted to nicotine from juul pods, which caused her to not eat regularly as nicotine can suppress hunger. Seeing drugs affect the people around me this way is why I'm against them. I don't hate people who do drugs, it simply hurts to watch people hurt themselves and those around them.

    The only time I actually dislike people who do drugs is when they do it around others who don't do drugs, and try to invite others to do drugs with them when they had no interest to do drugs in the first place. Or even worse, when people get so drunk or messed up from drugs that they hurt others around them. I just don't understand how people think it's okay to keep drugs if they are like that. It confuses me and makes me angry.
  3. BobTheWolf

    BobTheWolf Member VIP+

    That is a good point, however many of the drugs you have named are legal. Granted, some drugs can cause you to be a danger when high on them, but as a mature human being, you should be able to see that and stop using when around others.

    I think the main thing that makes drugs lethal is the immaturity of some people who do them.

    PS. Was just unlawfully muted 'for not listening to staff'. Dropped the conversation about drugs, then dropped the conversation about noodly and then still got muted lmao
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  4. Skystar99

    Skystar99 New Member

    To go off the "legal" part, my friend is actually underage and smoking illegally. I also have other friends who have depression, and do weed in their spare time and although it helped them deal with their emotions at the time, in the end it made them feel even worse. In my mind, by legalizing some drugs, it will give people more of an excuse to use them irresponsibly, which could lead to more issues that could drag in more outsiders.

    Also we all miss and pray for u, we all pressed F in the chat. Rest in peace friend.
  5. BobTheWolf

    BobTheWolf Member VIP+

    Yeah, but decriminalizing them at least will open up LOADS of funds which could easily be allocated to healthcare involving substance abuse and mental health.

    Thank you my bro, will be back soon :(. I did not a single thing wrong, did I.
  6. Skystar99

    Skystar99 New Member

    You do make a good point and I can see the major benefits. It has its ups and downs. I'm just someone who is very against it all and sees no real benefits to doing drugs. You can be around good people and have a good life without drugs, so I guess people who would rather do drugs than go do something more productive for themselves and others just confuses me.

    Apparently you were tempbanned for saying you were unlawfully muted on thread, which is big dumb. We all patiently await your return, friend.
  7. BobTheWolf

    BobTheWolf Member VIP+

    I understand your point about having a good life without drugs, as that's totally possible, most people choose a drug free life. But another thing is - People are able to still do drugs and be productive. Again, it's the select immature few that allow drugs to get in the way of their productivity. I can guarantee you there are lots of people high up in society who do drugs recreationally behind close doors, but you'll never see that side of them due to them being mature enough to hide it out of public view, and being mature enough to not let it affect their lives.

    Five mins til my bans up!
  8. Puppy_Killer

    Puppy_Killer Well-Known Member 2017 Map Founder MVP++

    All drugs are bad. 100% of people that do weed will die, and its called a harmless drug! You smoke one thing of that devils lettuce and youre cursed for the rest of your life
  9. SquiddyCat

    SquiddyCat Member

    So if 100% of people that do weed will die, will less than 100% of the people die if they dont do weed?
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