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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Discussion in 'Resources' started by GotEdit, Nov 29, 2016.

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    Hello all,

    *Note* This is not finished yet :)

    Due to @Kidcar33's recent suggestion, I have decided to make this thread that has most/all Frequently Asked Questions on it.

    How do I get the server's texture pack?
    To get our server texture pack, you can either type /textures in-game or click the Textures button on our forums headline.

    Where do I sell my drugs?
    There are 2 places where you can go to sell your drugs, the drug house and the prison. To get to the drug house, do /spawn then follow the red stone trail. If you have not got a donator rank then you will sell your drugs to Jamal. He is located on the bottom floor. If you get a donor rank, then you will go to the second floor at which you will find VIP, VIP+, MVP and MVP+ drug selling areas.

    To get to the prison, do /spawn then turn left. From there, go to the left of the mall and walk to the end of the wooden pier. When you cross the ocean, you will see the prison, there are many ways to get inside of the prison, but coming from that direction you will see 2 water fountains that have a small gap in the surrounding fence. Look for Esteban then sell your drugs to him. Warning: PvP is enabled at the prison.

    If you are a cop (/apply cop), then you do /spawn then go down the stairs. Being a cop is harder than being a druggie because people don't run drugs all the time meaning that they have to run around and wait until someone sells their drugs. Cops have a 35% increase on selling drugs than a regualr player.

    How do I get a spawner?
    There are a few ways to obtain a spawner:
    • You can mine them with a silk touch pickaxe, however, you must be VIP or have donated for the separate perk.
    • You can also buy spawners from players.
    • You can donate for a spawner key and open up some spawner crates at /spawn.

    How do I get started?
    First of all, you should go to /warp wild and click the sign. From there, run really far out and setup a place to make a base. Next, use /kit drugs to obtain some planting drugs and create a small farm (you can always extend your farms whenever you want to). You can then harvest the drugs when they are fully grown and sell them!
    If you want to buy items, you can do /spawn then turn left, this is the mall. You can buy food at Popeyes which is the orange building outside of /spawn (/spawn then walk forward).
    What does GZ mean?
    GZ is an abreviation of saying congratulations. People usually say it when another player donate towards the server or when someone ranks up.
    Where do I find the perks of each rank?
    You can go to /warp tutorial to check which perk a certain rank comes with. If you want to check donator rank perks, then you can click here. When you click buy, it will give a list of everything that you're purchasing for that certain rank/item.
    You obtain a second /sethome at grower. If you want to get anymore, then you can buy a donator rank, here. To set that new home, you would do /sethome [homename].

    Below are the percentage increases you have for each rank, there are no increases for drug ranks.
    • VIP = 5% increase
    • VIP+ = 10% increase
    • MVP = 15% increase
    • MVP+ - 20% increase
    • Prison selling = 25%
    • Cop selling = 35%
    Why can't I walk on hoed land?
    There is a glitch with 1.10+ which makes players who use that version unable to walk on hoed land, also, you may not be able to see chests. To fix this, simply change your minecraft version to a 1.9 version. You will see that you can walk on hoed land and see chests.

    Feel free to message me on the forums if you have any questions you'd like to be added.

    More questions coming soon!

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