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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gotedit, Nov 29, 2016.

  1. gotedit

    gotedit Admin Staff Member Admin Contributor II MVP+

    Hello all,

    *Note* This is not finished yet :)

    UPDATED ON 20/10/17

    How do I get the server's texture pack?
    To get our server texture pack, you can either type /textures in-game or click the Textures button on our forums headline.

    Where do I sell my drugs?
    There are 2 places where you can go to sell your drugs, the drug house and the prison. To get to the drug house, do /spawn then follow the red stone trail. If you have not got a donator rank then you will sell your drugs to the standard drug dealer. The redstone trail will take you directly to it. If you get a donor rank, then you will have to search around the small town/estate for the correct buildings.

    To get to the prison, do /spawn then walk straight ahead. After walking for a few seconds, you will come across the park. Go under the first quartz bridge and keep walking. You will come across a small hill which has a doorway going inside of the hill. You can go right or left. Keep on following the path and you should come out at the end of the park. Go through the hotdog, taco and other food vans and follow the road. There will then be a bridge will cross over to the prison. Look for Esteban then sell your drugs to him. Warning: PvP is enabled at the prison.

    If you are a cop (/police enroll once you are the Smuggler rank), then you do /spawn then go down the stairs. Being a cop is harder than being a druggie because people don't run drugs all the time meaning that they have to run around and wait until someone sells their drugs. Cops have a 35% increase on selling drugs than a regular player.

    How do I get a spawner?
    There are a few ways to obtain a spawner:
    • You can mine them with a silk touch pickaxe, however, you must be VIP or have donated for the separate perk. ( store.mc-drugs.com )
    • You can also buy spawners from players.
    • You can donate for a spawner key and open up some spawner crates at /spawn.
    How do I get started?
    First of all, you should go to /warp wild and click the sign. From there, run really far out and setup a place to make a base. Next, use /kit drugs to obtain some planting drugs and create a small farm (you can always extend your farms whenever you want to). You can then harvest the drugs when they are fully grown and sell them!
    If you want to buy items, you can do /spawn then go straight out one of the frin doors. To the left of the horse shack you will find the mall. You can buy food at Kelly, which is located in the mall.
    What does GZ mean?
    GZ is an abreviation of saying congratulations. People usually say it when another player donate towards the server or when someone ranks up.
    Where do I find the perks of each rank?
    You can go to /warp tutorial to check which perk a certain rank comes with. If you want to check donator rank perks, then you can click here. When you click buy, it will give a list of everything that you're purchasing for that certain rank/item.
    You obtain more /sethomes at Producer; DrugBaron and one for every prestige. If you want to get anymore, then you can buy a donator rank, here. To set that new home, you would do /sethome [homename].

    Below are the percentage increases you have for each rank, there are no increases for drug ranks.
    • VIP = 5% increase
    • VIP+ = 10% increase
    • MVP = 15% increase
    • MVP+ = 20% increase
    • Prison selling = 25%
    • Cop selling = 0% increase
    Where do I open crates?
    To open crates, go to /spawn and turn around. All crates are located inside of the spawn building.
    When can I use the auctions?
    As you obtain the Dealer rank you have the ability to bid on auctions. When there is a active auction going on, do /bid ( amount ). Once you have obtained the Trafficker rank you are able to start auctions. Do /auc start to create an auction.

    Where is the [location]?

    If you are looking for a specific area in the spawn then you should type /map in game. This will give you a link to a birdseye view of the main parts of spawn in order for you to know where places are. We suggest you taking some time to look around the spawn to get to know where things are.
    *HALLOWEEN ONLY* How do I get the trick or treat basket items?
    You can obtain the crate key for the Trick or Treat basket by voting. You have a 20% chance to obtain one when you vote. See /vote rewards for more info.

    You can also achieve them when you make any payment to the store during the Halloween Sale.

    How do I start the quests?

    Start doing quests by finding Brian outside of spawn. Head to /spawn and head out the front door. On the right near a news board you will find him.
    Why can't I see the drug sellers?
    Sometimes the drug dealers tend to run away! To get the NPC back you must contact an admin to lure them home!
    *COP*Why can't I frisk the Drug Dealer NPC?
    Sometimes the Drug Dealers aren't able to be frisked due to the daily restart and they don't despawn. If they have the default Alex or Steve skin then you are unable to frisk them. However, if they do have a skin you should be able to frisk them.

    If you can see multiple with and without skins then contact an admin to move the bugged drug dealers and you would be able to frisk the normal dealers.

    Feel free to reply to this thread if you have any other questions. :)
    Warmest regards,

    More questions coming soon!
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  2. gotedit

    gotedit Admin Staff Member Admin Contributor II MVP+

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  3. Ace42986

    Ace42986 Admin Staff Member Admin Contributor III MVP+

    Psst edit you have to fix the prices for selling for the new map.
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  4. Ziexd

    Ziexd Mod+ Staff Member Mod+ 2017 Map Founder Contributor II MVP+ DrugPass I

    Yeah, don't cops sell for the same price as druggies now?
  5. jimsel

    jimsel Member VIP+

    i tought cops sold for like 25% higher lol
  6. KillingSpree225

    KillingSpree225 Member

    what happens if your MVP+ and you sell at prison is that like 45% or just 25%
  7. Ace42986

    Ace42986 Admin Staff Member Admin Contributor III MVP+

    it sells for the normal prison price. there is no donor perks at prison
  8. KillingSpree225

    KillingSpree225 Member

    Then whats the point of getting mvp+ xd just go invis, use a haste II, and get to prison lmao
  9. Ziexd

    Ziexd Mod+ Staff Member Mod+ 2017 Map Founder Contributor II MVP+ DrugPass I

    Prison presents a lot more dangers then just selling to the drug house.

    It's a much longer run, and PvP is enabled inside the prison.

    (also I think you mean Speed 2, not haste;))
  10. KillingSpree225

    KillingSpree225 Member

    They're literally the same fucking thing

    I'd go run for an extra 5 seconds to reach prison. Atleast cops aren't fucking camping the area. It's not hard to get in, unlike the fukin drug houses. MVP+ is fucking shit.
  11. Burrito2

    Burrito2 Well-Known Member MVP

    I think you missed out a 'fucking'
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  12. gotedit

    gotedit Admin Staff Member Admin Contributor II MVP+

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