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Goodbye.... For now

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CrystalPepsii, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. CrystalPepsii

    CrystalPepsii Member MVP+

    Hello All,
    Over the last two years, I have met so many new people, some friends, some enemies, but mostly friends. Tomorrow I will be going off to boarding school and I will no longer be able to be as active as I once was. I will be on once in a while whilst I am on vacation, so it's not like you will never see me again, but to many of you, this is goodbye. I would like to thank my faction, Splash/Smash/Random for being with me since day 1. I will miss all of you. This is one of the greatest online communities I have ever been a part of and I am lucky to be able to call my self a member. Until we meet again, goodbye.

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  2. krom

    krom Well-Known Member MVP+

    seeya dod
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  3. NeliDearest

    NeliDearest Mod Moderator MVP++

    I will miss you! Have fun at school!
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