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hackhunter_115(ironic name) hacking

Discussion in 'RUSH' started by Creepercraft48, Sep 4, 2017.

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  1. Creepercraft48

    Creepercraft48 Helper Helper

    Ok so i dont kow if this goes here but i was fighting/trying to raid hackhunters base then i saw him flying caught it on camera then got on camera him admitting to it.Im sorry i didnt know if this went in the general rush or the ban section of regular mcdrugs so heres the clip.
  2. HackHunter_115

    HackHunter_115 New Member VIP

    lol the power of the fly boost and they think i hack you want to see a hacker? heres your friend hacking while you try to raid me.
  3. ThaCandyMan

    ThaCandyMan Admin Staff Member Admin

    Already posted on other report.
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