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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by RJBrumThug, Jun 21, 2018.

  1. RJBrumThug

    RJBrumThug New Member

    its me the OG minecraft gangsta RJBrumThug A.K.A CraigKilla

    hmu if you want a customised forum signature
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  2. Freed0m

    Freed0m Helper Helper VIP

    yo yo yo !!!

    +rep this my partner in crime we make sigs together take a look at our example signatures, @Burrito2 was a satisfied customer when we made it for him!!!

    all about the $$$$$$$ all we see is green on these streets even if its on somebodys head we choppin 4 life
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  3. Xeoum

    Xeoum Well-Known Member MVP

  4. KatarinaCouteau

    KatarinaCouteau Active Member Outstanding Forum Contributor

    Welcome to MC-Drugs! Hi there.
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  5. Freed0m

    Freed0m Helper Helper VIP

    Welcome Katarina :)
  6. RJBrumThug

    RJBrumThug New Member

    fuck off
  7. RJBrumThug

    RJBrumThug New Member

    thank you it's good to be here

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