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Valid HIgh Evidence of X-Ray Being Used To Raid A Base

Discussion in 'Player/Staff Reports' started by Pat_Bot, Jul 29, 2016.

  1. Pat_Bot

    Pat_Bot New Member

    My IGN: Pat_Bot
    My Friends IGN: DigitizedPixels
    Player To Be Reported: (Need Admin To Check Block History)

    Suspected cheats were used to raid our base that would otherwise not have been uncover-able by the human eye NATURALLY. There is an obvious stair case heading DIRECTLY to where our chests were being located. There were multiple other parts of our base that this person could have accessed from multiple angles that would have lead him to a many different components, but instead it leads directly to the Chest Room.

    Screenshots of our Base and Staircase:
    Images 1 - 7 Are our way of explaining why our base is in no way able to be discovered.
    Images: 8 - 10 Show the staircase that was made heading directly to our chests

    Who We Think Did It:
    Last night after DigitizedPixels got off for the night, Pat_Bot went to work on clearing out the giant room for the cocoa bean farm. After he was done he decided to que up for a game of League of Legends. He had Minecraft open in another monitor and noticed someone just said his name. "Pat_Bot" said the person. Pat_Bot responded with, "YO". The stranger then quickly said something like nvm ( I don't remember) and quickly logged off before Pat_Bot could ask whats up. Being a bit worried Pat_Bot ran to a secure location and looked for name tags but couldn't find anything.

    The next morning, DigitizedPixelss got on and noticed that our base had been destroyed and that there was a very suspicious staircase leading directly towards our chests. He went upstairs to investigate and noticed that the raider(s) had not really touched the upstairs part of the base meaning that he came for the chest and that he didn't find the above ground portion of it. If any part of our base were to be found first, it would have been the first floor shown in the pictures (1-7), but he went for the chests which were on about floor 4/5.

    Pat_Bot is pretty sure that the person he had the "strange" conversation with is the person who used the x-ray to find their base. No one on the server at the time had the letter"P" in front of their name and thus the cheater said Pat_Bot's name to see if he was afk, but when he found out that he wasn't, he got off and waited until another time to strike. Pat_Bot: I know this doesn't confirm it but just saying my name like that without any context seems very suspicious and the staircase is pretty obvious as well.

    Solution: We don't expect to be given/rewarded anything in return for this, BUT we would like an admin to check the block history/chat logs on July 29th and ban the cheater. Thank you for your time

    Digi and I don't joke about this:
    DigitzedPixels: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtVNRuL0fV_NA3sRpITu4SA
    Feels Bad Pat: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBGMZjADwGFmMQhDe0xFnBg

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  2. Mmgamer01 Playz

    Mmgamer01 Playz New Member

    I don't really think it is necessary to put your channel links at the bottom as this is a report not an advertisement and you are also breaking a rule:

    3. No advertising

    Do not post the IP of other TeamSpeak servers. Do not post fake IPs or player IP addresses. Do not attempt to advertise for self gain.
    Consequences: Permanent ban with appeal

    But other than that it does seem that xray was used, hope you manage to catch who did it!

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