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How tf you make ya money

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by IMleader(Iterable), Jun 12, 2018.

  1. IMleader(Iterable)

    IMleader(Iterable) New Member

    Yo, first off. NO EATEN BEANS ON MY THREAD. Now, how tf ya boi be making so much money, auto farms suck and there is not way you bois just mine all those crops.

    How tf you do it?

  2. Spalw

    Spalw Owner Staff Member Owner

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  3. _Debug

    _Debug Member

    Nigga just suck an admin’s peepee
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  4. KatarinaCouteau

    KatarinaCouteau Active Member Outstanding Forum Contributor

    Fishing is a pretty good way to make money before you have a massive farm. Do /jobs join fisherman, fish, then sell the fish to Chuck (in the wooden building by the pier) or Chad (in the quartz building by the beach). I recommend trying to find a Legacy of Chuck to buy - people usually sell them for pretty cheap, as that will help you fish a lot faster, and you can get starter money by doing /vote. If you decide to make a farm or dig out a big area underground or for a factions base, switch to Quarrier, and you'll get money just from mining stone.

    Sugarcane is a great crop for new players, as you don't have to replant it. You can farm 4-5 rows of sugarcane at a time by running length-wise down a field and holding down your mouse. It also levels your herbalism skill, which at higher levels, allows you to auto-replant higher value crops like wheat and netherwart and gives you double drops.

    People also recommend cocoa, as it's a cheap farm to create (buy jungle wood off /shop or find a jungle biome), and grows very quickly. You can also combine it with wheat to make cookies.

    The people with the most money have 5000 herbalism level, giving them full auto-replant and double to triple crops. They tend to farm wheat, netherwart and potatoes - but the most popular crop sometimes changes based on fluctuating drug prices. They also usually sell their most expensive crops on boosters, and have large enough farms that they can continually harvest without waiting for them to grow. Many people share farms, as it can be a pain to build a huge one, but it's still very doable to build your own - and nice not to have people forgetting to replant!
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