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Important info For dakotaa

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by zorbken, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. zorbken

    zorbken New Member

    Hello my ign is Zorbken I have played o this server for a really long time I was even a cop for a while as one of the highest ranking police officer I played with fairness and never broke a rule until last week so please let me explain a little I asked a mod if I was allowed to raid still if I was a cop and the mod said yes I'm not sure who the mod was cause it has been a while and I have been in the hospital having a child but it was a misunderstanding on my part cause I took it as I was allowed to raid as a cop like on duty so I did exactly that I raided and i didn't realize that was against the rules well a mod that was on told me it was against the rules and i got jailed for it and i apologized and told him about the misunderstanding and he said okay not to do it again and i said okay i even paid money to the people i raided to make up for the drugs i took from there base after i sold them and i get off and get back on and killah told me spawl took my cop away all of my money and demoted me to the lowest rank which i think was a little uncalled for i was wondering if there was a way i could talk to the owners about thi situation so i can clear things up and get my cop back because i love this server and i love playing minecraft and i always follow the rules to a t

    .. Zorbken
  2. Killah

    Killah Retired Staff Retired Staff

    I'm sorry to say but we had reports of you breaking multiple cop rules. As a result of your most recent rule broken it ended up with the demotion and reset.
    You're more than welcome to reapply for cop at a later date but please ensure you follow the set rules and if somebody informs you of a rule to take down who it was and what was said.
  3. zorbken

    zorbken New Member

    Cops get reported for breaking rules all the time its part of the server now I break one rule because I was told I could do what I did and it was a misunderstanding and I get reseted that's kinda steep deff for someone who has been on the server as long as I have been

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