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Incentive for mules to sell at jail

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Thecreeperx98, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. Thecreeperx98

    Thecreeperx98 New Member

    Since jail can be considered more dangerous to sell at than the drug house, mules should get +2 rep, or some sort of incentive for going to the harder to reach area. It would give more reason to sell at the jail for mules!
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  2. Oliiiiiiii

    Oliiiiiiii Well-Known Member Contributor MVP+

    If you increase the reputation gain for selling at jail, you create an incentive for mules to sell but you also create skepticism within the people selling drugs to mules because jail is obviously a lot riskier, as you say.
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  3. StarryMuffin

    StarryMuffin Helper Helper

    Rep is too easy to farm already, you should just get more money if you sell at the prison.
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  4. gotedit

    gotedit Admin Staff Member Admin Contributor II MVP+

    You already get 25% more than the regular dealer at the prison.
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