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Intro #2

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Moy, May 14, 2019.

  1. Moy

    Moy Member

    Hello all, I am not necessarily new to the server however I wouldn't call myself the most outgoing person on MCD. I'd like to change this and reintroduce myself in order to create a fresh start. So here it goes. My IGN is Moyza, if you see me in game feel free to chat. I am a legacy MVP++ donor. I am aware that (with the store changes last map) not all players have been lucky enough to gain a legacy donor rank like myself, therefore I will happily use my wide range of permissions to everybody's advantage. Drop me a message in game if you ever need a spawner silk touched or a valuable item fixed (with consideration to cool downs). Don't be afraid to ask.

    To kick start the new me I would like to give back to the community with my recent purchase of Seven 2x voter rewards (5 minutes per). Please visit my postings under my profile for more information. Thanks :DD
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  2. Illuminati_Haxz

    Illuminati_Haxz Active Member VIP+

    Welcome to the server! :)

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