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News Jenson [Server Bot]

Discussion in 'News' started by Spalw, Jan 25, 2018.

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  1. Spalw

    Spalw Owner Staff Member Owner

    Hello everyone.

    Jenson has returned in a slightly more useful form than before.
    This is designed for new players who join and ask question, to prevent everyone on the server having the answer the same questions countless times.

    When a player asks specific phrases in chat they will be given the answers. I have done my best to make these phrases only sensitive to the exact phrases for the questions but you may get some messages from Jenson when just talking about something he has an answer for. If you're an experienced player I recommend turning him off with /bye, you can always turn him back on with /hello.

    If you have any suggestions for questions that he currently cannot answer please let me know, below is a list of all of his current questions.

    • Where is the texturepack
    • How to claim land
    • Where is the x in spawn
    • How do I become a cop
    • Where do I sell my drugs
    • What's the world border
    • How do I donate
    • How do I rankup
    • What does VIP get
    • How do I buy lottery tickets or donate to megalotto
    • How do you vote
    • How do I mule
    • Help I'm stuck in parkour
    • How do I get a playershop
    • What rank do you get more homes
    • How do I use drugs
    • Can I join a faction
    • When does the server reset
    • When does the end/nether reset
    • What's the website
    • How do I start an auction

    If you seem to be getting responses from Jenson when you aren't actually asking a question for the same answer please let me know as I may be able to lower the sensitivity of certain phrases to prevent him messaging you when he doesn't need to.

    I hope that this is useful :)

    Last edited: Jan 25, 2018
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  2. AKAjabroc

    AKAjabroc Well-Known Member MVP+ Outstanding Forum Contributor

    How do I use drugs
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  3. Spalw

    Spalw Owner Staff Member Owner

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  4. chickenchit

    chickenchit Mod Staff Member Moderator MVP++

    How do I claim land / How do I make a faction
  5. sky

    sky Well-Known Member VIP MVP+

    How do I use points / how do I get points
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  6. Spalw

    Spalw Owner Staff Member Owner

    Both of these were already on the list.
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  7. Spalw

    Spalw Owner Staff Member Owner

    I will add some of these, but the phrases need to be predictable enough that I can predict about 50-75% of the words in the sentence. Phrases like I played a few years ago can I get my donor rank back aren't possible because there are too many different ways that it's said.
  8. LonelySadBoi

    LonelySadBoi Member MVP+

    So if this bot is meant to answer most questions asked by players, what’s the point of having helpers? Not tryna seem rude if I’m coming off like that :) Just curious
  9. sky

    sky Well-Known Member VIP MVP+

    now that this is added, to handle players that are breaking chat rules and questions that jenson cannot answer
  10. Spalw

    Spalw Owner Staff Member Owner

    I hope that Jenson will answer 50-75% of basic and most commonly asked questions from new players.

    Complex questions will not be able to be answered by the bot and there will also be players who disable the bot straight away, which is fine :)
  11. KatarinaCouteau

    KatarinaCouteau Active Member Outstanding Forum Contributor

    - How do I get hoppers? Why can't I craft a hopper?
    - Where do I get a horse?
    - What are credits, how do I redeem them, and can I trade them?
    - What do job points do? What can I do with quest points?
    - Why can't I place obsidian?
    - Where do I build a base?
    - How do I craft x?

    It might also be useful to have an automated response to 'Any admins/mods/staff?' / 'I need help', such as: For guaranteed staff assistance, make a ticket with /t new (problem). If you have a problem that does not require staff, ask your question in chat.

    Would it be possible to have some sort of indicator of whether someone's question has been picked up by Jenson? Such as an added tag, a more subdued chat color, something like that.
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2018
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  12. NovaSeepa

    NovaSeepa Admin Staff Member Admin MVP++

    How do I apply for staff/helper?

    Do hydroponic lights make crops grow faster? (Seen this one a surprising amount)
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2018
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  13. Bannnana

    Bannnana Member

    How to quit being a cop?
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  14. Spalw

    Spalw Owner Staff Member Owner

    First two added along with "Any staff online".
    The second part of your post I'll think about implementing as it will require a rewrite of a lot of the code.
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  15. Witchh_

    Witchh_ Well-Known Member

    I have some as well (maybe a bit late) i hope i don't repeat any that someone maybe mentioned before

    • How do cops get money?
    • What is the world border?
    • Are afk pools allowed/do you get kicked for afk?
    • How do i sell drugs?
    • How do i use my boosters?
    • When is the drop party?
    • How do i set a second home?
    • What is a vote party/What do you get?
    • What can i sell?
    • Can you kill police/cops?
    • How do i get more power in my faction?
    • How do i overclaim someone?
    • Where do i open my keys?
    • Is there a warp to nether?
    • How do i go to the end?
    • How do i go to creative?
    • When is the map reset?
    Something more that maybe should be added is
    'I got xrayed' , 'This guy is hacking' ,'Killaura in spawn' and 'Can someone give me money?'
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2018
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  16. adamauger

    adamauger New Member MVP+

    10/10 Witchh_ knows what's up
  17. BobTheWolf

    BobTheWolf Member VIP+

    jenson doesnt work
  18. Spalw

    Spalw Owner Staff Member Owner

    I'm aware, there are multiple issues with some custom commands.
    These will be fixed within the next week or so.
  19. sky

    sky Well-Known Member VIP MVP+

    How do I get to prison / where is the prison
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