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July 7th Meeting

Discussion in 'Changelog' started by NovaSeepa, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. NovaSeepa

    NovaSeepa Mod Staff Member Moderator MVP++

    Staff Promotions
    Congratulations to InfamousAge for their promotion to Moderator!

    Casino and Gambling
    • Coin flip is back!
    • If you are a gold member of the casino you can beta test the new coinflip plugin with /cfjoinbeta.
    • If you have already lost your whole balance to /cf consider that you may have a problem, and type /gamblerhelp in game.
    • /reaction top is back! Start stretching those fingers and get ready to type.

    Shop Rule Clarifications
    • Shop storage is not allowed. This includes "overflow" chests for shop items.
    • If buying items from players in shops, you are allowed to limit how much you are buying by filling the other slots with dirt only.


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