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JungleMonkeys recruitment thread

Discussion in 'Faction Recruitment' started by humbleshorts, Dec 31, 2018.

  1. humbleshorts

    humbleshorts Helper Helper

    We (JungleMonkeys) are a new faction that is looking for new members to bolster our ranks. If you are interested I welcome you to make a post and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

    **One thing to note, the faction is looking for monetary as well as time put into the faction for the rankup from recruit to member(upwards to 1mil). If you do not feel that it will be worth your time, please do not post. However, this doesn't mean that we will discriminate if you are poor, we will help you find ways to make money.

    JungleMonkeys' recruitement:
    In game Rank:
    Time Zone:
    How active are you?:
    What is your skill? Are you good at building, raiding, redstone, etc:
    Reason for joining?:
    Previous experience:
    Other Comments?
  2. sadkayy

    sadkayy New Member

    IGN: sadkayy
    Rank: KingPin (VIP)
    Discord: sadkayy#4211
    TimeZone: Mountain Standard Time..lol
    How Active Are You: daily
    What is your skill: Building.. (decorating)
    Reason for joining: W0nder asked us too
    Previous Experience: ..
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2018
  3. sadkayy

    sadkayy New Member

  4. humbleshorts

    humbleshorts Helper Helper

    Accepted please msg me ingame
  5. sadbaee

    sadbaee New Member

    IGN: sadbaee
    Rank: KingPin (VIP)
    Discord: sadbaee#5678
    TimeZone: Pacific Standard Time
    How Active : Daily
    Whats is your skill: building pvp ish
    Reason : Wonder asked us :)
    Previous experience: vanguard
  6. humbleshorts

    humbleshorts Helper Helper

    Accepted please msg me in game
  7. ChickenBlaze

    ChickenBlaze New Member

    IGN: ChickenBlaze
    In game Rank: Mule
    Discord: Holy Crusader#0651
    Time Zone: EST
    How active are you?: I just started playing mcdrugs again but I'm planning on being active with the little spare time I have, considering I have a lot of school work.
    What is your skill? Are you good at building, raiding, redstone, etc: Seeing as though some of my skill is rusty, I'd rather say I'm efficient in building, although not too good.
    Reason for joining?: I am looking for a way to gain power, and wanted to join a faction. I saw Humble recruiting and decided to join.
    Previous experience: 4+ years ago I used to play on the server.
  8. Happy_Paladin

    Happy_Paladin New Member

    IGN: HappyPaladin
    In game Rank:Dealer
    Discord:Dont have but can
    Time Zone:central (US)
    How active are you?: On Daily
    What is your skill? Are you good at building, raiding, redstone, etc: I have a good understanding of minecraft mechanics, but havent raided in many years.
    Reason for joining?: Looking for friends :)
    Previous experience: Several years of minecraft
    Other Comments?
  9. kyle_anthonyy

    kyle_anthonyy New Member

    IGN: kyle_anthonyy
    In-game Rank: Kingpin
    Discord: yes
    Time Zone: US CST
    How active are you?: 2-5 days a week; 2 - up to 10 hours a day
    What is your skill?: I like building and helping with raids. I love just starting with a new faction with new people to create new relationships. I am also very organized with discords/bases.
    Reason for joining?: I want to start fresh! I haven't played for around 6 months and I want to start over. I haven't found the perfect faction yet!
    Previous experience: Empire and FirstOrder unfortunately. I was apart of both factions and I did anything and everything they'd ask the best of my abilities.
    Other Comments? I really hope to gain wonderful experiences with new people. I also love becoming close with people and growing factions! Hope I could help!
  10. humbleshorts

    humbleshorts Helper Helper

    accepted. /f join junglemonkeys the next time you are on
  11. Contraryblue

    Contraryblue New Member

    JungleMonkeys' recruitement:
    IGN: contraryblue
    In game Rank:junky
    Time Zone:est
    How active are you?:2 days a week
    What is your skill? Are you good at building, raiding, redstone, etc: i like buolding and helping with raids and shooting with a bow
    Reason for joining?:i want to get a fresh start because i was not online for like 3 months and i want to start over
    Previous experience: several years of minecraft
  12. w0nders

    w0nders New Member

    We need to add this to the application, are you older than 15? Also how could you be junky still if you were playing 3 actively 3 months ago?
  13. ColdCastGaming

    ColdCastGaming New Member

    IGN: ColdCastGaming
    In game Rank: Grower
    Discord: TTV FRUITY #2091
    Time Zone: EST
    How active are you?: Everyday 4+ Hours A Day
    What is your skill? Are you good at building, raiding, redstone, etc: Farming and building
    Reason for joining?: Wanting a serious faction
    Previous experience: Faction with my friends and have played factions on other servers for almost 2 years before i joined this one
    Other Comments? My twitch is ttv_fruity
  14. humbleshorts

    humbleshorts Helper Helper

    accepted, I sent an invite, join next time your on

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