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Discussion in 'Faction Recruitment' started by Pyco7, May 24, 2018.


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  1. Pyco7

    Pyco7 New Member

    Last edited: Aug 5, 2018
  2. Mazumas

    Mazumas New Member

    I'd like to join this faction for multiple reasons, to start off I would like to say that I am a male, my bio says its "(unspecific)" which I wasn't, but I use this account because I rather not waste money to get another account. Also, for a reminder this is my sisters back up account, she will not use it. This account is mine, I will be very active. I will not search private chest, I will not search job chests if I am not that job, I will replant crops when I harvest it. I would like to make a room, my own private farm also. Just starting with that. My username is "Macabres". You can expect 7/10 of my time daily on here. I would be able to contribute lots of respect to the members, I will be useful if the facts of volunteering to build bases, also gathering materials. I can possibly find raids, but I am not the best at it. My age is quite young, despite my intelligence, but that's up to your mind. I am thirteen years old. You can trust me due to having me build bases for you, which also me finding raids, giving ideas, plus to add on you'd have my discord. Though I will not be able to speak or communicate verbually wise. But I can type through the messaging systems very well. I want to join your faction because I find it very respectful, kind community wise. I also would love to have the privilege to be able to assist this faction in multiple ways. I am a very respectful person, I will forever be loyal to this faction, will never betray it. Thank you for your time, - John (aka: Macabres/Mazumas)
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  3. Pyco7

    Pyco7 New Member

    Welcome Macabres to our faction, note that this is a new faction!
  4. OlAngryBurger

    OlAngryBurger New Member

    Username: OlAngryBurger
    How much time can we expect from you: After school hours 2-3 hours, 4 hours on weekends
    What can you contribute: I can bring a friendly faction environment, team effort, working under a leader and learning fast
    What do you prefer to do: I enjoy raiding but haven't done much of that, farming and mining are strengths, drug running is a weakness.
    Age: 16 (17 in August)
    How can i trust you: It's hard to say I guess, but we can get to know each other, work together and I can earn your trust.
    Why do you want to join? I would love to have a medium sized faction to do things with, I feel creating and raiding on your own is hard and a good experience but I've done that before, I want to try something new with new people.
    Do you have discord, can you use it?: I have discord and yes i can use it.

    Also i am currently a Smuggler if thats any use to you :)
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  5. Pyco7

    Pyco7 New Member

    Welcome to our faction, I am not near my computer rn, but please meet me at 3:15.

    Also, we don’t care about ranks and thank you for listing your weaknesses, We think you would best be a miner or farmer. If you want/called/during free time, feel free to join our raiders.
  6. Pyco7

    Pyco7 New Member

    Sorry Olbugger, traffic is bad and I’m stuck in it, please wait until 4:00!
  7. Pyco7

    Pyco7 New Member

    Cardiac_Disease Accepted into faction due to ties with me!
  8. Pyco7

    Pyco7 New Member

    W1sper Accepted into faction due to ties with member

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