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KingsOfTheNorth Recruitment area.

Discussion in 'Faction Recruitment' started by Killah121, Nov 18, 2017.

  1. Smokeyyyy_

    Smokeyyyy_ New Member

    I'd like to join this faction amongst with the others in it.
  2. UltraKiIIer69

    UltraKiIIer69 New Member

    RANK: Grower
    Why I want to Join the Faction: I want to join the fac because first I can sell drugs that's the first. Next I can also donate whoever knows how to pay the fac half of the cash I earned from the drugs. I can also help you guys find bases if I go wild. I can also help you guys on fighting such as: War, or any battle since I can pvp. After that I can also farm for you guys so that way ill put the drugs into the chest then go sell it/anyone can in the fac. I am also in the age of 15.
  3. MalachaiJoe

    MalachaiJoe Helper Helper

    I mean, at least read the main post.
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  4. ScarletBlade45

    ScarletBlade45 New Member

    Im interested,i have the $25 base with the mob grinder modual. im great at muling.

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