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Kits Suggestion

Discussion in 'KitPvP' started by JonGamer16, Jun 6, 2018.

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  1. JonGamer16

    JonGamer16 New Member

    Can you guys please change the kit system back to the way it was before the shop was added, like it was about a week ago? It was so much better with all the different kits because fights were skill-based instead of just whoever had more equipment. I play KitPvP often and would love to see it happen.
  2. sky

    sky Well-Known Member VIP MVP+

  3. Dakotaa

    Dakotaa Owner Staff Member Owner

    Kits were definitely not skill based before. There were unfair abilities, and all you needed to do to get them was unlock the kit, then you had them forever. Right now, everyone starts off equal, and even if someone has better gear, that means that they worked specifically for that piece of gear, and you can kill them and get it for yourself.
  4. JonGamer16

    JonGamer16 New Member

    Some of the abilities might've been broken, of course, but it's nothing that couldn't be nerfed and balanced out with a little bit of thinking through to make the abilities require a bit of skill to execute. The Archer, for example, had infinite arrows and could bow-spam, but if you limited how many it could shoot at one time, it would fix the problem. It was just the abilities you decided to use for some of the kits that made them broken. They were just randomly added to the kits for the sake of there being kits; they weren't made with the intent of introducing a new fighting style.

    The thing that made the kits fun wasn't in the abilities themselves, but the play-styles that the abilities opened up and how those abilities were used and what counterplay strategies were available. The Archer can shoot from a distance, but Swordfighters can either move to a new location or sneak up behind them when they aren't looking. There's a ton of inspiration in Minecraft for different abilities and therefore fighting styles, ranging from cacti- which hurt when you touch them- to acid-spitting dragons that force players to get out of their way.

    Concerning the buyable kits, you obviously don't have to settle with making the kits a one-time purchase. You could have a few free kits for newcomers, then have other kits cost a small amount of money to use each time, giving players a way to use their money at all times.

    KitPvP just isn't KitPvP without Kits, if you know what I mean. In the current structure of KitPvP, sure, everyone starts off equal and the game isn't pay-to-win (and I much appreciate that), but it is play-to-win. Later, when diamond equipment is more common and the ones who play often have an advantage over first-timers, there won't be a very competitive skill ladder because of the equipment ladder. Players won't be playing on KitPvP to practice their PvP skills. They'll be playing to grind kills so they can have a set of prot 2 diamond armor and a sharpness fire-aspect sword so they can fight without having to be much better at PvP than they originally were. In the MCDrugs chat, the notification for KitPvP encourages players to practice their skills on the KitPvP server to get better at PvP, not to spend time on it and get better equipment. After all, what is the factions server for?

    The game structure that I request is different because players can practice fighting with different items/effects available and in various combat scenarios. This will help players practice for what they will come across in Factions, whether it be sniping enemies from afar, throwing splash potions accurately, or melee fighting with different kinds of weapons or status effects. It'll give KitPvP its own role as a side game instead of making it another thing players have to work on.

    With enough effort and thought put into the KitPvP server, the game will be made more lively and purposeful. Kit variety makes the game fun not just for those who play often, but also for newcomers to the server, and for everyone. Let Factions be the struggle for power, and let KitPvP be the place for improving one's skills.
  5. p0six

    p0six Well-Known Member MVP+ PvP Tournament (Not Winner)

    I agree to this, but the gear buying system is really broken. A god pvper in iron armor stands no chance vs someone with prot 2 fire aspect 1 sharp 2. At the least take out the ability to upgrade armor, but the damage upgrade is fine.
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2018
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