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Let Make Rush Great.... Again? DJT FTW

Discussion in 'RUSH' started by DarkSmoke420, Sep 3, 2017.

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  1. DarkSmoke420

    DarkSmoke420 New Member VIP+

    Hey guys few suggestions on the new server. I have been playing on it for roughly 2 weeks now and would like to give my input.

    Donor system: I feel the pricing is kind of steep I mean it is technically a new server so the pricing should be alot less to bring in new players and provide them with a cheaper start up cost. As the price is on par with an already awesome established server.

    Staff: As great as the MCDRUGS staff is I feel it would be in the best interest of RUSH to have a whole new team to deal with the server duties. In all the time I have been on rush (2 weeks or so) I have seen Sav and Edit on for a short period of time. I have reqested the signs in my player shop to be taken down from previous owner but still has not been done. I know the staff cant always be around, But I feel it would ease the tension if MCDRUGS and RUSH had its own team of staff.

    On a positive note the server is really fun, I like how it is easier for the players who dont have as much time to play to have a place to go and the system is faster at making money ect ect.

    Thanks for reading. <3 DarkSmoke420
  2. Illuminati_Haxz

    Illuminati_Haxz Active Member VIP+

    I do think more staff should be hired for Rush tbh
  3. Spalw

    Spalw Owner Staff Member Owner

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    We're committed to the success of MCDrugs Rush - due to the player count we cannot commit more staff specifically to the server, therefore the player count drops, therefore we have less reason to staff the server etc.

    We have plans to make use of MCDrugs rush and improve the server. We all agree that once the gameplay is correct, the players will come. Our goal is to have players on MCDrugs Rush that haven't played on MCDrugs and have no intention to. We're looking for an entirely new audience and this is what takes the most time on any server.

    Please feel free to continue suggesting gameplay changes on MCDrugs rush, those are most certainly useful.
    Thank you for your enthusiasm.
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