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Little Nart raid on Aegis

Discussion in 'Raiding Discussion' started by Nuggets101, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. Nuggets101

    Nuggets101 Member VIP Contributor

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  2. Beintruder

    Beintruder Retired Staff Retired Staff 2017 Map Founder MVP+

    the only thing of value in that raid is the glowstone.
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  3. Joshlyxox

    Joshlyxox Active Member

    Good thing I emptied the soul sand before you guys raided it then...
  4. Burrito2

    Burrito2 Well-Known Member MVP

    Pretty sure I emptied it lul
  5. Joshlyxox

    Joshlyxox Active Member

    You emptied the bottom row, you didn't empty the top...
  6. InFamousAge

    InFamousAge Trial Admin Staff Member Trial Admin MVP+

    Did you really post a picture of already raided farm and claim you did it? me and craig had a fun hour mining it out together
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  7. Nuggets101

    Nuggets101 Member VIP Contributor

    You sure about that InFamousAge. Cause I was in a cave system saw cobble stone and got into this farm the whole top layer was full of nart. You didn't clear it out so don't be salty about it.
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  8. p0six

    p0six Well-Known Member MVP+

    you can empty my soul any time joshly xox i love u
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  9. Joshlyxox

    Joshlyxox Active Member

    p0six you make me feel so loved xox

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