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Invalid lost horse due to being banned

Discussion in 'Player/Staff Reports' started by matty, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. matty

    matty New Member

    my name on the server is smoke poppers i was banned for farming as a cop which i did not know you couldn't do i never read the rules which is my fault but i just thought prices for drugs were cheaper but anyways I'm fine with that 1 day ban but just after i went on duty i grabbed my horse and as soon as i grabbed it out of my echest i was banned for that and lost my horse and was wondering if i can get that back i had a lvl 21 tier 3 horse which took me forever to get to that lvl, I'm honestly thinking about donating for mvp i like this server a lot you can check my homes or echest for this horse I'm being honest thats all i cared about and just an opinion is that i think this should be a rule that you have to get atleast like a 10 second warning before you are banned so nothing like that could happen thank you for listening i hope we can come to an understanding situation
  2. GoodChum_

    GoodChum_ Mod Staff Member Moderator MVP+ Contributor III

    This is not the correct forum thread for you to be posting on

    As well, it is not staffs fault you were banned and it's not our fault you lost your horse due to your ban.

    This comes down to the fact you should have read the rules and this is karma for not. Staff don't give back horses even if you accidentally lose it, so I don't see you getting your horse back especially in this case.
  3. Ace42986

    Ace42986 Admin Staff Member Admin MVP+ Contributor III

    we do not give warnings when we hand out bans. u broke a rule, which you even agreed you should have read first (ignorance isnt a defense) I'm sorry to say we will not be refunding your horse.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 12, 2018
  4. matty

    matty New Member

    are you kidding me this is exactly what i was looking for to see if i should donate but clearly not with your attidude i have played and donated on multiple servers and almost every time some grumpy mod just has to ruin it all for me, and you say that is karma? ive already lost everything my unclaimed base was xrayed which no one ever checked and i lost my rank and cant even use police anymore and also lost all the money i had in my account im debating on quitting this server now instead of donating to get a horse it costs $2.50 and now your just going to try and rob that from me i dont think so i want my horse back and if you wont do anything about it i want to talk to an admin but your opinion or whatever you will have to say goodchum_
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  5. matty

    matty New Member

    give me one good reason as to why you wont refund the horse ace? ive lost all my money, my ranks, and can no longer be a cop. the horse should not be "karma" for being banned your guys jobs are to make this a fun and safe community for everyone im not trying to be mean or cause any harm here all i care about is my horse that i spent hours running in spawn to get to lvl 21 and now lose it over nothing
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  6. matty

    matty New Member

    i would even be happy with a lvl 1 horse since i have to go through this much trouble for it
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  7. Spalw

    Spalw Owner Staff Member Owner

    Keep your money.
  8. Zhihu

    Zhihu Well-Known Member 2017 Map Founder Contributor MVP+

    Matt if it makes you feel better I've lost a tier 3 horse (20 minutes after buying it), two tier 2 horses (both max level), and countless tier 3 mules totaling to over $15mil worth of horses, all because of getting kicked for flying while on duty.

    Lesson learned.
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2018
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  9. matty

    matty New Member

    well then hopefully this is an eye opener to staff to fix their game cause im sure their are many others with this problem
  10. Zhihu

    Zhihu Well-Known Member 2017 Map Founder Contributor MVP+

    They are working on getting a new horse plugin to where it is command based.

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