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Making Bedrock a even level

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by TheBigPeener, Feb 22, 2019.

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  1. TheBigPeener

    TheBigPeener New Member

    I think in the next reset/update the server should add an even level of bedrock instead of the default. It makes base building easier and be able to have better bases in general.
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  2. Puppy_Killer

    Puppy_Killer Well-Known Member 2017 Map Founder MVP++

    Have your base at ~5 because that would make a flat area of bedrock and stone
  3. TheBigPeener

    TheBigPeener New Member

    Yes that’s true but when you are being raided you can easily break other blocks to destroy regen walls quicker and it makes it almost pointless.
  4. SquiddyCat

    SquiddyCat Member

    I agree with this, flat bedrock would be a dream to have :)
  5. CvxZo

    CvxZo Member VIP

    I’m pretty sure doing this would be impossible withiut destroying everything anyone has created this map. Maybe next map.
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