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MC-Drugs Weekly Trivia!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by theodor488, Jan 3, 2017.

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  1. theodor488

    theodor488 Well-Known Member

    Hello guys, its theodor488 or Theo, and I have decided to create a Trivia. I have done my first trivia today, consisting of 500k worth in prizes, for answering various questions. Thanks to Excerty for helping me make these questions, and beintruder for taking a look at what I had got. Here was week one of the trivia:

    Mc-Drugs TRIVIA

    Question #1: Who were the 2010 Super Bowl Champions?

    Answer: New Orleans Saints

    25k - Enderscrollz

    Question #2: How much did Mayweather make in his famous fight vs Manny Pacquiao?

    Answer: 220 Million US Dollars

    25k - EnderScrollz

    Question #3: What was Bruce Jenner (now Caitlyn Jenner) famous for?

    Answer: Olympic Athlete (Decathlon)

    25k - Suitz (Shadyties)

    Question #4: Who is the next in 4th in line for the crown after Queen Elizabeth dies?

    Answer: Prince Henry of Wales (Prince Harry)

    25k - Enderscrollz

    Question #5: What continent has the fewest flowering plants?

    Answer: Antarctica

    25k - Enderscrollz

    Question #6: Who is the Prime Minister of Canada’s Father?

    Pierre Trudeau - Dakotaa


    Question #7: What was the first planet discovered by telescope?

    Answer: Uranus

    25k - Enderscrollz

    Question #8: Explain what a coefficient is?

    Answer: A number used to multiply a variable

    25k - mattymatdog

    Question #9: What explorer introduced pigs to North America?

    Answer: Christopher Colombus


    Question #10: What is the name of the most expensive coffee in the world?

    Answer: Kopi Luwak


    Question #11: What is the name of the world’s biggest island?

    Answer: Greenland


    Question #12: Which NBA Player shot 100 point in a single game?

    Answer: Wilt Chamberlain


    GRAND PRIZE QUESTION: According to the forums, where does it say the HeadAdmin of MCDrugs lives?

    Answer: Pyongyang, North Korea


    Total : 500k

    Congratulations to the winners, and I hope to make this a weekly event for everyone to enjoy and to get free monies xD

    Next event will be hosted on Saturday the 7th

    Good luck everyone!
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