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MCDrugs Reset 2017

Discussion in 'News' started by Dakotaa, May 12, 2017.

By Dakotaa on May 12, 2017 at 4:29 PM
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    The day is finally here. Many people have been patiently, and impatiently, waiting for the 2017 reset since it was announced back in April. There's been lots of teasers, speculation, and hype. The purge is coming to an end and the server will be opening very soon. This post will go in-depth about many of the new features.

    To get ready for the server while you wait for it to open, do the following:
    • Switch to Minecraft 1.11.2
    • Download our resource pack (/textures in game) as it has updated for this map.


    Many will agree that the new spawn is the best yet, out of the around eight spawns MCDrugs has had. We took a completely new approach to the island themed spawn we have had over the past couple maps, and made the new spawn a small city in a valley, surrounded by mountains. The spawn is much larger, allowing for many cool exterior buildings and easter eggs that can be found all over the spawn world.

    Drug Selling
    To compensate for the high number of police this map (see more info below) the drug selling NPCs have been split up. There is a small neighbourhood, where each of the default, VIP, VIP+, MVP, and MVP+ selling NPCs can be found in separate houses. We hope this will make it easier to avoid police, as they are not able to all camp one building anymore.

    Player Shops
    The new spawn will once again see player shop markets. The new ones are slightly larger than before, as well as there being slightly more shops. The shops are also closer to spawn than before, so we hope this will lead to higher usage of player shops.

    The Prison
    The prison is back this map. Unlike last map, you must now run through the police area to get to the prison. With the prison comes Esteban, who you can sell drugs to for 35% more.


    Many needed changes have been made to guns this map. The most notable are balances across the board to make most guns viable in different situations. Also, the glitch where shooting someone near you would damage you has been fixed. New guns, such as shotguns, have been added. Guns no longer shoot snowball projectiles, but now have "tracer" particle trails, which donators can select the particle of. The Gun Crate is back this map, with a bit of a twist. Instead of unboxing regular guns that you can buy at spawn, the gun crate now has exclusive re-skinned guns. These are the normal guns, but with some cool changes, such as different sounds, different models, and different particle effects. These guns have the same stats as their vanilla versions, so these weapons are not "pay to win".

    Runes sucked last map. The ability to unbox runes and put them on any weapon will not be available this map.

    Nether and End
    To prevent huge, "unraidable" bases like Kings of The North and other large factions had, this map we will be regularly wiping the nether and end. The Nether will wipe every 2 weeks, and The End will reset every month.

    The Bank
    Need more money? If you're patient, you're in luck. You can now deposit money into your bank account and accumulate interest. We will not release the interest rates right now, but you should be able to figure them out pretty easily. You gain 10x more interest while online than while offline. Visit the bank at spawn for more info on banking.

    This reset brings the most major changes we have made to police. There is no longer a police application system, you can become a cop at any rank at or above Smuggler. This does, however, make certain limits on police a requirement. Police can no longer enter the spawn building or plant drugs. Police now sell drugs for the same price as normal players, but also now have the VIP, VIP+, MVP, and MVP+ selling NPCs at the police station. You can also resign from police at any time, and be set back to Smuggler, but must wait one week from the time you became cop to enroll in the police force again.

    The Mines
    If you don't feel like selling drugs or being a cop, you can now mine for money. Visit the mines at /warp mines and start in the mine for your rank. Mine the clay blocks and sell them to the NPC. Police get their own mines.

    Voting has been revamped. We now keep track of the top weekly and monthly voters, the top 5 each week and month will get rewards (first place each month gets 2500 points and $500,000). There's also now a chance to get voter shovels, axes, and pickaxes from voting. There's a small chance of even getting a creeper egg. The voting crate has been redone, and the rare voter crate can now be found at spawn.


    Tired of having to walk around spawn all the time? You won't have to for much longer - deploy-able horses have been added this map. They're pretty expensive, but once you buy one, you'll have it forever (unless you die with it or lose the spawning item in some other way). You can place them down in spawn, but watch out, cops can get some good horses, too!

    If you're ever lonely while farming, walking far distances to look for a spot for a base, or just wandering around spawn, these news pets will be a cool companion! Through the new pet crate, you can unlock up to 17 different pets, which will follow you around. Some of the pets include Bulbasaur, Frog, Pug, and more! Get to 10th Prestige Rasta for a free Lion pet!

    Book Store
    Something new we're trying is the book store at spawn. You can write a book, and if the admins like it, we will publish it in the book store for other players to purchase (at around $500-1000 per copy). You will get a one time payment of $50k-100k for writing books that are sold in the book store. You can also copy over short stories, as long as you cite the author of the original work, for bit less money.

    There is a lot more that is new this map. This post only summarizes the things that we felt need explanation. We encourage you guys to explore spawn, which many of our staff worked hard on for months, and most of all, enjoy the new map!
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Discussion in 'News' started by Dakotaa, May 12, 2017.

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